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The Comeback of Dedicated Music Systems

The Comeback of Dedicated Music Systems
High-quality music is making a comeback. For years the music industry has focused on compressing and mass producing files, moving from records to CDs, then to digital files. The focus has been on portability and accessibility in a busy world. However, once Covid-19 hit, people found themselves confined to their homes. This resulted in a revival of dedicated music systems because people had time to listen at home, and they were looking for the quality sound of yesterday.

Covid-19 Has Led to a Revival of Quality Music

As people found themselves confined to their homes, they started pulling out old record albums and CDs. They no longer needed the portability because they were confined to their homes for a lot of time. What started as pulling out old music turned into a revival of the desire for quality sound. Many people have added sound systems to their homes as they realized that they could listen to high-quality sound once again.
One popular device is a 2 channel hifi system. You can start with this receiver, and listen to the powerful sounds of the music you love. People wonder if they should buy new equipment or search for vintage equipment. They want to know if they need a subwoofer or if they should stick with a soundbar. If you want to build your system, you need to start with a hifi stereo, and then buy the components you need.

Should You Use Two Speakers or a Soundbar?

Soundbars are popular for a number of reasons. You can buy a decent sounding soundbar for a few hundred dollars, and it costs less than getting two speakers. However, this resurgence of setting up an audio system in the home is all about the quality sound, and when you look at soundbar vs. speakers, speakers win hands down.
If you are listening to music, the speakers will give you higher quality sound. A soundbar is a bar that projects audio from a wide enclosure. It is best used with television, and it basically has a number of speakers in the same cabinet.
When you get speakers, you will enjoy the quality of the music. You can hear the bass, the mids, and the highs. Speakers can produce a wider range of sound, and you can enjoy a full listening experience when you listen to music.

Setting up a Dedicated Music System

Setting up a dedicated music system is worthwhile to the audiophile who wants to listen to high-quality music. If you have found yourself pulling out your old records or CDs, you might be interested in putting a dedicated music system together. You should include the different components and put them together so that you can really enjoy your sound.

Turntable/CD Player

One component that you will need is a turntable to play records or a CD player to play CDs. Both of these mediums offer higher quality music than digital music that is available on your phone. You might have some old records, or you might be getting ready to start a collection. You will want to place a turntable on a sturdy surface because vibrations can cause interference in the music.
You can add a CD player as well. CD players also produce higher quality music than digital music of today, but it is not quite as great as the sound of vinyl records.


You will also need a receiver when you put together your home music system. The receiver acts as the device that connects everything together. You can connect your record player, your CD player, your DVD player, and more, and it will go through the receiver and out the speakers. The receiver is a multichannel amplifier that sends sound out to your speakers.
Receivers come in a range of prices, and they work with many different speakers and subwoofers. They connect to different brands, and it is easy to set it up. You need to look at how many devices you can connect to the receiver, and you should see if it has a network connection in case you do want to stream music as well.

Speakers and Subwoofer

You will also want to have a subwoofer and speakers for your system. If you don’t have a subwoofer, you will miss out on some of the sounds from your music. They produce the low frequencies that give you full, rich sound, and they allow you to hear the full sound of the music.
You have a choice between wired and wireless speakers. When you choose wired speakers, you can be certain that your sound will be high quality all of the time. When you get wireless speakers, you might sacrifice some of the quality for convenience. However, wireless speakers are convenient and allow you to enjoy the music.
You can get speakers that sit on a shelf, or you can get Tower speakers that stand on the floor. They can offer a rich sound that will truly allow you to enjoy your music as intended by the musician. When you put together your music system at home, the idea is to return to listening to quality music.
With the Covid-19 restrictions, many people have been spending more time at home. This gave them an opportunity to pull out their old records and CDs. As people started to enjoy listening to quality music again, a revival of home music systems started.
After years of digital music files that you can play from your smartphone, you may want to know what you need to create a sound system at home. You can start with your record player or turntable, a CD player, and a receiver, and then you need to choose the speakers you want. You can get wired speakers and a subwoofer to make sure that you hear the full range of sounds in the music. This type of system will allow you to enjoy quality music again.
Have questions about setting up your own dedicated music system? Contact us and we will be happy to help!
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