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About Us

At Liptons, we offer two critical components to get you the best solution for your home technology needs. Legendary Service and Endless Passion. Our mission is to make your home a more wonderful, more connected place through the power of home technology. With over 40 years in business and over 100 years of combined team experience, we’ve been through changing technologies, time tested brands, and many scenarios of what works - and what doesn’t.

As things change, nothing moves faster than technology. We take care to listen to your needs, and learn your expectations and adjust for your experience and lifestyle so that we can design a system that serves for years to come - A system that impresses with impact and operates intuitively. Our history of passion for all things tech allows us to curate product offerings that are tried, tested and true - that we will stand behind and support. We are constantly researching, testing, evaluating and learning to make sure we are always able to guide you in the best gear, compatibility, operation and functionality.

While the internet affords us the convenience of shopping from anywhere with just the click of a button, that path has led us all astray at some point. Products don’t work as they say, or clash with the items you already have. Things don’t fit, feel and look the way you expected or hoped. And the sweetness of low price fades quickly in the bitterness of poor quality. Time lost and frustrated effort sets in as you research solutions and alternatives or try reaching questionable customer service for support, repairs or returns for refund. Our approach is different – the products on our website are curated to reflect the best brands and the best products. We have personal experience with the equipment that allows to offer better insight and advice on what will work best for you.

We strive to bring you a customized solution that will work seamlessly with your home and lifestyle, no matter your home technology needs. Whether it’s working with your interior designer to make your home and garden magazine worthy, bringing you audio nirvana with all your favourite music with Analog or Digital Hi-Fi, or improving your homes usability and convenience with Home Automation - we are here for you. Want edge of your seat immersion in a state of the art Home Theatre? We do that. Connecting your home with a dependable, secure and lightning fast network? We do that too. Whether your project is large or small, let’s work together to bring your vision to life.