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Distributed Video Retail & Restaurants

Distributed Video
Retail & Restaurants

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Distributed Video?

Video is becoming more and more centralized. With the invention of distributed video, one source can be shared with multiple TVs that are all connected to a switch. For example, If you've ever enjoyed a game at a sports bar with multiple TV's playing the same game, you've experienced a distributed video system.
Your system can be controlled by remote, or through a smartphone or tablet

Controlling Your Distributed Video System

There are several ways to control your distributed video system, and we work with you to determine the best way for your specific use. For smaller stores, many people find it easiest to control through the smartphone app, or single unified remote control. We can also install wall switches to make changing video sources a breeze. No more fumbling with multiple remotes and trying to match the right inputs and outputs! 

Another benefit of distributed video is it allows for all the equipment to be stored in a back room, or somewhere out of sight. This will keep your location clean and free from the extra clutter of electronics. 

For larger restaurants or retail spaces, we typically wall mount a tablet for easy control of the distributed video system. 

Sports Bar Distributed Video System

How Many TV's Does My Bar Need?


A good rule is that every seat should have a view of at least three televisions, and have the ability to see a few more if they turn their head. You never know when a tall guy at the bar is blocking the view of the main screen, so it's important to give your patrons different viewing options. A distributed video system will be important as you will likely want to show different games/events on various banks of TVs. 

How Much Should I Budget?


After decades of distributed video installations in homes, restaurants, stores, and offices, our trained & certified installers have seen it all. We can help you determine what type of distributed system will work for you, and we can provide you with a budget range to help assist your planning. Click the button below to get started. 

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