The Audioquest Dragonfly Black is one of the latest DAC’s from Audioquest, designed to allow your phone or tablet to deliver hi-fi audio. Just powerful enough to do the job well, without adding distracting background noise, the Dragonfly Black fits nicely into the palm of your hand, and equally well into your micro-system when you want to take the party with you.

With a high-quality headphone amp and analogue volume control, the Dragonfly Black serves your needs without making you learn how to use it. Plug, adjust, play.

Here’s a great review from Stereophile.com:

“…First up is the Dragonfly Black at $99, which is the new updated version of the Dragonfly. The big change is that in addition to a lower price, instead of just working with high-powered computer USB connections, the Dragonfly can now work with phones and tablets. Both iOS and Android are supported. One of the ways they made this happen was with more efficient chips inside and lowering the output voltage a tad to 1.2 volts…” more

The Audioquest Dragonfly Black works well with efficient headphones and offers updatable firmware. Come by to talk about it, have a demo, and let it fly out the door with you. You can tell yourself it followed you home.