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Tuning a room for optimal sound quality

One of the important elements of custom installation is tuning the room to its optimal sound, a practice that is more art than science. In much the same way that a proper varietal glass can enhance the flavours and aromas of any vintage, proper room adjustments allow equipment to present its best sound. I asked […]

Compatibility matters

Check out this new review from The Verge about the Apple Home Pod. Then, look at our pages for any of the following, or talk with one of our A/V specialists for a recommendation that fits your specific purposes. Paradigm Shift Paradigm PW600 Paradigm PW800 Sonos One Sonos Play5 Sonos Play3 Sonos Play1

Picking The Right A/V Receiver

In the current world of AV and Home Theatre systems, there is no more important piece of gear than that of the Audio/Video Receiver, or AVR for short.  They are the brains of the organization and what makes your system tick. An AVR is the home base for all your connections, and is able to […]

Paradigm Speaker Sale on Monitor Series 7!

Liptons is now offering 25% off on all Paradigm Monitor Series 7 Speakers while supplies last. Includes: Paradigm Series 7 Monitor 7 Paradigm Series 7 Monitor 9 Paradigm Series 7 Monitor 11 Paradigm Monitor Series Paradigm Series 7 Mini-Monitor

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