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It’s a Wireless World!

Check out the July edition of our brand new virtual flyer!  Get the latest info on bringing music to all parts of your summer fun.  Get the scoop on pre- wiring and adding A/V & digital wireless music to your home.  Great deals on all audio, turntables, 4K projection systems & TVs, and home automation products, as well […]

Newmarket Vinyl Record & Collectibles Show

Do you love records? Then you will love this!  We’re co-sponsoring a Vinyl Records and Collectibles Show in Newmarket!  It runs from 10am to 3pm on Sunday May 15, at Branch 476 of the Royal Canadian Legion in Newmarket. There will be multiple vendors and a huge number of LPs to choose from!  Come on […]

Vinyl lovers we’ve got your favourite LP’s right here at Liptons!

You spin me right round baby, right round…so we’ve brought in some super swank vinyl to help you really enjoy the fantastic equipment you bought from us.  We’ll shine that sound to a high gloss…just like the perfect grooves on the pristine vinyl that we sell here reflects your excited face back at you. Classic titles, latest […]

In Home Consultations: Liptons comes to you!

In-home consultations – getting to know you and what is best for your needs. You can learn a lot about someone from the entertainment that they enjoy.   An attractive comfortable home entertainment system featuring optimal audio and visual performances can tell you that person enjoys great quality, and has sought out something really special. […]

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