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TV magic

We’re living in an exciting period of invention and innovation in audio-visual technology, particularly with television. It hasn’t been this thrilling a ride since the advent of colour. There have been improvements in TV since then in all of the expected areas: Better picture quality, bigger screens, smaller screens, flatter screens, better sound. That’s still happening, […]

Toys for grownups!

Check out the July edition of our brand new virtual flyer! Looking for that unique home entertainment solution? Waterproof speakers hidden in rocks, a TV in your bathroom mirror, a projector screen that hides in the ceiling, or perhaps a waterproof monitor out by the pool? All this is possible, with help from our experts. Maybe you […]

Listening Party Event Contest!

This contest was happily received by our loyal subscribers. We have a winner and we’re looking forward to sharing the story of the special evening with you as it happens. Watch this space for more! Our Private Listening Party Draw was available only to our newsletter subscribers, as a thank you for being on our mailing […]

Annual Pre-Inventory Clearance

Every year, on or around April 30, we begin our inventory, counting every piece of merchandise in the store. Everything. By hand. As much fun as that sounds like, we don’t want to overindulge. Our solution? We cut some prices, you get cool devices, and we don’t get all over caffeinated. What do we have […]

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