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Control4 releases Intercom Anywhere – Available through Liptons

On July 31, 2018, Control4 released Intercom Anywhere, a new system tool that allows you to manage your home, even when you’re on the other side of the globe. Or, down the block getting milk, in the basement finding camping gear… When you’re busy, regardless of the reason. Maybe we don’t have teleporter technology yet, […]

Smart Tech for your home

Check out the August edition of our brand new virtual flyer! Featuring: Paradigm, Sonos,  Marantz, Anthem, Audioquest, Golden Ear, Pro-Ject, Samsung, Sony. There’s lots to see and read about and lots here to hear when you’re ready to drop by to listen for yourself to how it sounds. Nothing is impossible. We are experts in getting audio and video into […]

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  Our newsletter features news and updates about what’s happening now, and what’s coming soon in the world of Audio and Video, and what we’re doing about it at Liptons Audio Video Unlimited. Sign up for the newsletter in one easy step, using the form above. We’ll send you interesting and useful information. Tips, advice, […]

Outdoor living: Let there be lighting!

If you’ve ever been in a nightclub when the lights go on, you’ll have an appreciation for how much the right combination of light and shadow can add to an environment. Often a stark contrast between the lit and unlit views, it’s amazing what a warehouse can look like when properly staged. The reverse is […]

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