B&W Zeppelin Air: Ultimate Speaker Dock

With its space age look, and sleek round curves, you’d never know looking that the Bowers & Wilkins  Zeppelin Air that it is an Ipod sound dock. Snap your Ipod onto its docking connector and be transported to audio nirvana the likes of which an Ipod owner never dreamed.  Even more conveniently: with Apple AIRPLAY, you can run your iPod, iPad or iPhone directly to the ZEPPELIN, wirelessly!

Experiencing it in action tells you it’s all worth it. From the elegant way your iPod connects to the front of the Zeppelin, to the previously undiscovered levels of clarity it gives your digital music collection this is a breathtaking piece of equipment.

Stop on by Liptons Audio Video Unlimited in Newmarket, with your Ipod and experience it for yourself…….or email us for more information.

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