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Screen Innovations Black Diamond

For families, especially growing and active ones, a formal theatre room is often not the ideal entertainment environment. Sure, everyone is ready to watch now, and you all want to see the show together, but the collage has to get finished for school on Monday, knitting can’t be done in pitch darkness, and the family bookworm wants to be in the room, but isn’t 100% invested in the screen.

Old days movies theatre rooms with black out conditions…that’s one way to do it and it’s great for the right environment and audience. For people with a more casual lifestyle however, there are some interesting options. OLED screens, have high brightness and high contrast even in a room that is reasonably well lit and have sizes that approach theatre scale. In the world of projection, ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) screens are designed to neither absorb nor reflect light other than from the projector. Screen Innovations Slate series or Black Diamond series screens are excellent examples.

With screens like these, you can have a media room as a casual space that welcomes the entire family and their activities, while still allowing for a high quality viewing experience.

Liptons can help you design this room, working either with an interior designer, or directly with you, and tweak it out for your specific needs. Beautifully detailed entertainment centres, specialized seating, hidden wiring or wireless solutions, lighting and audio design that assures both reach the exact locations intended (with the precise intensity desired), and all of it tied together through a control centre that you can manage from your phone or tablet.

Comfortable, fun, engaging, it’s a room that could possibly also inspires a bit of creativity. After all, those memes and the cool videos we all love to stream from YouTube were made in SOMEONE’s basement. Maybe you’ll be watching a show together, take a quick break to laugh at the idea for a cool image to post related to the film, then brainstorm it, make it, post it, like it, share it, and giggle at it for a few minutes up there on the screen before getting back to the show.

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