Winter is coming. So are your guests.

The holidays are rapidly approaching. Winter is coming, so are your guests. If you’re looking to set up your home theatre before then, it’s time to think ahead.

Liptons AVU is here, at your service to make sure that it happens on time, seamlessly, and works perfectly.

We’re happy to come to you for an in-home consultation if you wish, or you can come into the store to check out the equipment and discuss your needs, it’s your choice. Either way, you don’t have to slog your own equipment home, our service includes quick delivery, and expert installation.

Before we leave, you are taught how to use it so that you won’t be spending all night in user forums trying to find the useful info. Seamless.

Testimonial Tom G, Newmarket "Had an excellent experience with Liptons AV... 10/10"In 1978, most equipment was relatively simple. You had to worry about the proper use of red/white/black/yellow cables, and there were controls, usually on the front of the TV, for setting tint, contrast, hue.

Sound was what it was. There were some TV’s that hooked into your sound system, but for the most part, that was just  beginning.

These days, 35 years on, there’s a lot more to do with even the simplest AV setups, and we tend to sell the coolest new toys. Now, you can get sound quality in mid-range devices that was unattainable in the consumer market when we began.

Once set up, it’s easy to manage, the interfaces have been designed for ease of use and exploration. But, you have to get there, and that takes a professional. It’s where we come in. It’s just not as easy to set these systems up as it is to use them. We’re CEDIA Authorized and an Independent Authorized Control4 Dealer. Bonus, there’s no slogging your gear home in the weather and then dealing with the boxes. We deliver, set up, and pack it all up afterwards, leaving your home as tidy as it was when we arrived. Maybe even a bit better.

Professional, reliable, punctual, skilled, and polite, we’re just what you need to make home theatre happen before your guests arrive.

To get started, either drop by 130 Davis Drive, or book an in-home appointment by calling 905-898-7113 or emailing, We’re here to make it simple, and seamless.


Liptons is a CEDIA-approved installer

Liptons is a CEDIA-approved installer

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