What’s the buzz about 4k UHD TV, and do you need one?

SONY XBR85x850D 85” 4K TV with HDR

SONY XBR85x850D 85” 4K TV with HDR

For the fall of this year, and going in to 2016, 4K TV is definitely the hot buzzword for TV and video projectors, and it’s a technology that’s changing the playing field when it comes to image quality.

Ultra high Definition TVS (UHD) also known as 4K, are now available from all major TV manufacturers.   Cable giant Rogers has released their new 4K Cable Box details for 2016, and promised full major league sports coverage in the Ultra High Definition format!   The new 4K BluRay Players are set to hit before Christmas, and NETFLIX and UTUBE are already streaming in 4K.

What is 4K about?

The fact is simple and dramatic: 4K Ultra HD TVs (also known as UHD TVs) deliver four times as much detail as 1080p Full HD, that’s eight million pixels compared to two million pixels.

What that means is more fine detail, greater texture and an almost photographic level of smoothness.

There are many reasons why 4K should be  your next TV purchase.

A 4K display reveals so much more nuance and detail – the difference can be astonishing. While 3D has proved to be a fad, 4K comes without reservation. Its higher resolution images are simply better.

The higher pixel density of a 4K panel also enableS you get much closer without the pixels of the image itself becoming visible –this means you can comfortably watch a much larger screen from the same seating position as your current Full HD panel. Currently all available 4K Ultra HD TVs are in excess of 50-inches.

There are currently no 4K TV channels being broadcast.  However, like HDTV ten years ago, they are definitely in the works, and 2016 is the year!

As of April 2014, Netflix became the first big name to deliver 4K content to the home. When you open the Netflix app on a 4K TV, 4K content will stream automatically where it’s available. From the start, that’s Breaking Bad,  House of Cards, The Blacklist, and a number of documentaries,  but don’t worry – there’s LOTS more 4K content ready to be piped into your home.  All with incredible 4K picture quality!

But the lack of native 4K isn’t quite the big deal you might imagine. The fact is today’s Ultra HD screens do such a remarkable job with 1080p content that you almost certainly won’t feel shortchanged. Big brand sets utilize all manner of database interpolation to upscale images to 4K, and the results are spectacular.

To take advantage of this, Sony has released a selection of Mastered in 4K branded Blu-rays. These are in fact standard 1080p Blu-ray discs, albeit ones based on the best available transfers which take full advantage of available disc capacity. They have also been mastered with a wider colour range than standard Blu-ray platters.

Coming  the new 4K BluRay players will start hitting the shelves in the 4th quarter, with 4K BluRay discs to match!

There is no doubt:  4K TV is the wave of the future, and available now, at prices rivaling the better 1080P HDTVs of just a few years ago.

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