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We’re living in an exciting period of invention and innovation in audio-visual technology, particularly with television. It hasn’t been this thrilling a ride since the advent of colour.

There have been improvements in TV since then in all of the expected areas: Better picture quality, bigger screens, smaller screens, flatter screens, better sound. That’s still happening,  but the past 5 years or so have seen a paradigm shift in delivery technology, as we move more and more into the digital universe.

NOW is a new golden age in home entertainment innovation. Everything is more powerful, more expressive, more real. Richer images with better contrast, more accurate tones, greater depth and fuller definition, audio so close to real that it can trick you into answering the phone, or the door, or your spouse.

You can use a home control system to integrate all of your devices, to let you walk through the house (for example, to get the snacks), and the TV doesn’t have to stop at a critical moment. The people in the entertainment room keep watching, and so do you, on your phone, while the sound system provides the audio.

Your TV can sit flat against the wall, blending into your art collection, displaying some kinetic works perhaps, disguising the entertainment function of the device, as guests sip cocktails unaware that earlier today you were watching The Last Waltz on it.

Samsung just premiered The Frame, a 4K UHD TV that looks like a classic modern art frame, with a similarly slim profile. The Frame includes an updatable library of 100 images and allows you to choose your own memories as the screen.

Back in the olden days, on that first 20″ Colour TV, getting the colour just right was a delicate matter of setting  the tint, hue, and contrast. Test patterns broadcast after the stations went off the air (crazy eh?) were set up to assist with this task by providing specific colours to match. After all that careful work, one hoped (fingers crossed) that the film print being screened had been properly stored to protect against colour shifts. Even then, the best one could hope for was an approximation of the colours of real life.

Now, we have Sony’s OLED TV, with individually powered pixels and an unprecedented dynamic range. Black isn’t a combination of coloured lights (!) it’s the total ABSENCE of light. Pure. Like all new high-end TV’s it integrates Smart technologies and exceptional audio to deliver an experience that even the old movie palaces would have been proud of.



Home entertainment is more exciting than ever before. We’re happy to represent many top of line TV’s from several respected brands, and to provide a range of products to integrate with your AV experience.

Best of all, we’re experts in what works well together and how to integrate technologies for the best results. Lipton’s sales staff are here to ensure that every customer gets the system that fits them best.

We can advise you on how to put your system together, or visit you at your home to help plan an installation that animates your home experience.

To set up an appointment call us at 905-898-7133, or email Lindsay at 

Samsung's top of the line Q9F Series TV with metal particle Quantum Dot Display

Samsung’s top of the line Q9F Series TV with metal particle Quantum Dot Display

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