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Our last article, Systems and Synergies – It looked good on paper looked at how we approached troubleshooting a Turntable installation.  Turntables can be particularly delicate to set up, but issues can arise with other things as well.

For example, Home Theatre.  You create an installation with a TV, sound system, and a cable box, and for some reason the TV will not “see” the video feed coming from the system. As with audio equipment, the increases in quality have made television technology more complex.

With HDMI you get incredible images, but you need the right equipment

With HDMI you get incredible images, but you need the right equipment

HDMI as a system has a number of quirks. It came out many years ago and has been updated multiple times since then. 1.2 1.4 2.0 2.1 etc. Every time they’ve upgraded the HDMI specs, it makes the fit a bit trickier.

An HDMI cable is a specialized audio video cable that connects a TV to a source. It could be into a receiver, or directly into a cable box. Unlike the old fashioned cables that simply connected, the HDMI process requires the two sides to see each other and have an electronic handshake.

This has to take place first. Then the TV will see the picture. If this doesn’t’ take place the TV will see nothing. This happens regularly when setting up home theatres. Worse, this issue can be intermittent.

You buy a system:  TV,  surround sound receiver,  cable box, etc.  You bring it home, hook it up, turn it on, and the TV works great. Until it turns out that it works sometimes, and other times it doesn’t. Technically on paper, there is nothing wrong. Everything is current models, current cables, up to spec, and yet it won’t work consistently.

What do you do?

Take it all back? Complain? What’s that going to do? Call the manufacturer, and tell them the TV is broken?  Call the cable company?  They’ll troubleshoot and tell you nothing is wrong. This happened to us recently. What we did was went out and brought back a little device that solves those kinds of issues. It is specifically designed to deal with two or three of the other kinds of issues that come up with that kind of an HDMI matching situation.

Audioquest HDMI - 4K UHD, HDCP 2.2, HDR, UltraHD Blu-ray, Exceeds 18G bps

Audioquest HDMI – 4K UHD, HDCP 2.2, HDR, UltraHD Blu-ray, Exceeds 18G bps

Your average box store would not have a ready solution for you for this. They wouldn’t know what was wrong and would probably send you a new TV, assuming there was something wrong with the TV. But if there isn’t anything wrong with the TV that problem will simply turn up again.

At Liptons, we provide solutions.  There are devices that we sell for diagnostic and repair of these kinds of issues. Some of them are cheap, some of them not so much. A cheap one is $150 the not so cheap one is $300 a little box the size of your thumb, but it works.

It’s hard for individuals to have access to all of the possible solutions for all of the potential issues. If time is important, you go to an expert who knows what’s there, what goes together, and who knows when things aren’t adding up properly.

Like we said, sometimes we run into the same kind of odd situation where a problem surfaces that really should not exist. But we have all of the resources both in expertise and available technology to resolve it beautifully. Call Liptons Audio Video Unlimited to design your system and all of those resources are available to you as well.

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