Liptons is your Control 4  expert, making it easy to automate almost everything in your home™. Entertainment, convenience, security, Their excellent home automation system,  does just about anything a homeowner might want. CONTROL 4 does it all.

Control 4 Home

Control 4 Home

From multi room audio and video that follows you through the house, to fully automated lighting, heating, and air conditioning…whether you’re arriving home in a snowstorm or a heatwave, you can have systems off during the daytime, and set them up to be toasty warm, or soothing and cool when you arrive.

  • Control your entire home theatre from your phone, tablet, computer, or a dedicated wireless remote
  • Control your lighting, set up lighting scenes, and automate lighting to suit your lifestyle
  • Control your music system in any room of the house or backyard
  • Manage your heating and air conditioning, programming it from your phone or tablet before you drive home
  • Adjust your shades and blinds simply and remotely
  • View all of your security cameras, door cams, and garage door status, on your tablet, wherever you are in the world
  • Monitor all of your home’s systems, security, and home functions, all from your phone or tablet

At Liptons we manage every phase of your home automation, from design, to installation, to programming your complete CONTROL 4 system.


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