Distributed Music System

Create atmosphere, rock out, or just enjoy your favorite songs day or night. Today’s distributed music systems are the future, delivered.

Control music in any room, indoors or out, from the convenience of your phone, tablet, or computer. Every room separately controlled, different music playing in each at the same time, at your command…or link all rooms together for a whole home party experience!

Get creative; have your reading room play classical music as soon as you enter, greeting and setting the tone for relaxation and contemplation; music in the kids room a bit too loud? Turn it down from your phone. That’s one way of sending a clear message.

With modern digital technology, you choose from local and distant interference-free radio stations, satellite radio stations, and commercial free sources. Add music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal,  Deezer, Google Play, and others for access to a limitless source of music.

Got your own music library? I Tunes collection?  Even your CD collection, cable and satellite stations and your vinyl LPs can also be integrated into the system.

Drop by Liptons today to discuss the possibilities, or

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