Samsung 2019 Dealer Show

Samsung trade Show

Samsung trade show – Many models

Samsung held a dealer show in Toronto this past week to showcase their new lineup of products for 2019, and Lindsay attended.
Several new lines of televisions were shown, the most significant offerings included the new 8K  series of televisions called 900 series. These come in a variety of sizes including 65 inch, 75 inch, 82 inch, 85 inch, and an incredible, limited-edition 98 inch model. This series is now on display in our show room.
Samsung’s popular QLED  series TVs have been upgraded for 2019 with brighter higher contrast HDR picture quality. Sharing some technology with the new 8K 900 Series, these mid and premium priced 4K sets now feature Samsung’s exclusive AI (artificial intelligence) video processing chip.  Picture quality from all sources, is outstanding!
Also new for 2019, Samsung  is showing a full line of weatherproof outdoor televisions.
Samsung trade Show - Outdoor TV

Samsung trade show – Outdoor TV

Liptons has already ordered a selection of all of these models and will be receiving them as they are released through the month of May.
Samsung trade Show

Samsung trade show – The evolution of 8K

Samsung trade Show

Samsung trade show – 8K built for gamers

Samsung trade Show

Samsung trade show – Features

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