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If your aim is to become one with the sofa, screaming at the universe about a multitude of remotes is likely to impede that tranquil goal.

Everything has a dedicated remote control now and needs one in order to function properly. There are internal settings that require adjustment and which are too complex to be available through the exterior of the box. Each remote is purpose designed for the item it is provided with. There is seldom any overlap, even within a line, and most people have equipment from multiple manufacturers.

This leads to the dreaded pile of remotes, each of which must be used in a specific sequence. Worse, the sequence used varies depending on the goal, whether you are listening to audio alone, or watching TV, or playing a game…

As I mentioned in Network not Working?, the solution is a control system which is designed to operate the entire system and network.

Lindsay: Most of the calls we get about things not working properly end up being related to internet issues or remotes. The general solution for remote issues is a specialized control system like Control4, or Logitech, both of which we stock and program for customers.

a lot of the time you want a remote that will operate through doors, and around corners. One of the problems people will have is that the remote doesn’t really see the equipment properly. You’re trying to run three or four pieces of equipment at once, and the cable box turned on, but the receiver didn’t turn on…or the reverse, so everything isn’t available when needed.

We have remotes that don’t require infrared signal to see the equipment, they work more on radio frequencies. That means equipment can be behind doors, and when you push the button it always works.

These types of remotes are part of a two piece system. The remote connects wirelessly via radio frequency with the hub, which then connects to the other equipment through local IR (infra-red) senders. This allows the equipment to be remotely located behind doors in a cabinet, often in another room or unobtrusive area. As an added bonus, having your system concealed means “helpful” guests won’t be able to “tweak” your carefully established settings. 

For $500 – $600 we can fix most single room remote issues, including programming the system. 

Remote control is intended to create a sense of ease when enjoying your media, not add stress trying to figure out which one to use, in what order to use them, or why the one in your hand doesn’t seem to be connecting to the item it’s meant for.

Your system is an investment in relaxation and pleasure. That is best achieved with a specialized controller and remote that will manage your system in the simplest way possible.

Don’t toss the original remotes out however, keep them with the box/receipt, so that if you eventually decide to change models and pass the old ones on, they’ll still be useful to whomever has them.

Control 4 EA1 SR260 Recharging Station

Control 4 EA1 SR260 Recharging Station

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