Projection Theatres are where it’s at!


TVs continue to dominate the home entertainment landscape, but if you’ve ever wanted a truly powerful viewing experience, feast your eyes on a front-projection system. Amazing strides have been made in the industry over the last five years to create projection systems that meet the needs and demands of picky consumers. That means lower prices and better value for your money, including brighter displays, sharper detail and better screen technology. You can even get rid of those annoying “letterbox” black lines above and below the movie, with new cinemascope/anamorphic projectors and screens!.

Projection systems don’t need to be confined to home-theatre rooms either; they fit seamlessly into multi-purpose spaces, including family, living and rec rooms. Screens can be retracted manually or via motor and housed out of the way.

If you’re ready to experience entertainment in a whole new light, stop by Liptons Audio Video Unlimited at 130 Davis Drive for a front-projection theatre demonstration.

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  1. ryan

    There is nothing better than a beautifully set up front projection system. And with the Black Diamond screen you can even do it with the lights on!

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