The Soundcast VG7 speaker is a top-end indoor/outdoor speaker that expands your entertainment horizons in the most literal way. By allowing you to transport your music easily wherever you want to be, the VG7 gives you the opportunity to listen to your favourite music anywhere you go, with no sacrifice of quality.

The VG7 is ergonomically designed, and packs a significant amount of refined technology into a relatively lightweight package which is intended to be carried easily hither and yon. It may not tuck into a rucksack, but will follow you around the garden, or fit nicely into your trunk, motorhome, boat…or Fortress of Solitude.

Ruggedly built for longevity and inclement weather, the Soundcast VG7 is elegantly designed enough to fit inside the home as well, with indoor and outdoor settings to allow the sound to show it’s best.

Take your party outside or on the road. With a rechargable long-life battery, the VG7 leaves that choice entirely up to you. Click the link below for technical details, or drop by to see and hear one in person. Our audio experts would be very pleased to help. 130 Davis Drive, Newmarket.

Soundcast VG7 speaker

Soundcast VG7 speaker

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