The Sony X900F 4K Ultra-HD Smart TV is one of many exceptional TV’s in store at Liptons, and well worth stopping by the store to examine in person.

With X1 Extreme processors for “Powering Reality” providing Object Based Super Resolution and HDR Remaster to tweak out the image quality, while smoothing the transitions to avoid banding, Dual database processing to reduce noise and upscale the images, providing greater clarity and individually controlled OLED’s…pixel by pixel control of the image quality, providing an exceptional colour range, with Pixel Contrast Booster, and a backlight system for local dimming and optical design.

Here is a detailed written and video review of the X900F from Rtings.com.

Comes in 123cm/49″ – 139cm/55″ – 164cm/65″ – 189cm/75″ – 215cm/85″

Have a look at this video from Sony, and then come to Liptons to have a look at it in person.