Introducing the Samsung QLED Q9f. For this iteration of TV’s, Samsung has focused on the user experience. Not only through improvement of the image quality, but also by streamlining the management of services. It’s all in the video interview of Samsung’s Dave Das, by Digital Trends Caleb Denison on this page, or with with added groovy cutaways at this link on the Digital Trends website.

The QLED Q9F Series TV is the top of Samsung’s line of exceptional TV’s. Samsung has taken an interesting approach to innovation, focused on exploring the potential within what exists, refining technologies, rather than replacing them.

This is certainly where Samsung has gone with QLED, an update of Quantum Dot Display, a layer that rests over an LED backlight panel. With particles made, core and shell, of a new metal alloy that delivers more precise, luminous colours at the highest possible peak brightness. The brightness of these dots creates a contrast that enriches the shadows, and enhances adjacent colours.

The science on this is in how we see. Our eyes are sensitive to the relative values of colour. This means that our perception of each colour is influenced by the adjacent one and the same is true of contrast. How our eyes perceive the image as a whole is assembled in our brains from the similarities and difference between colours, hues, and saturation.

What that means, is that the bright hues Samsung has made possible in this generation of Quantum Dot Display, creates a difference between colour and tonal values that allows them to them appear even richer than they already are.

Full array local dimming on the Q9 and Q8, direct backlight, and the ability to control zones, plus proprietary anti-reflective film, give the deepest blacks, and highest brightness possible. By concentrating on contrast, they’ve added richness to the image quality. The use of their proprietary anti reflective film on q7f sets and above combined with full-array local dimming eliminates the effect of haloing, which often occurs in sharp-edged black/white contrasts.  Improvements to off angle viewing (demonstrated in some of the cutaways above) allow movement around the room without losing the onscreen action.

On the control side, they’ve integrated the effortless login experience with their Smartthings app. Dave Das says: “The phone senses the bluetooth network, automatically connects the TV to your WiFi network. And, later this year, it will enable effortless, seamless login, without you having to enter any usernames or passwords, for apps you may already be logged into on your phone. For example Spotify, so all that is done without having to click buttons on the remote”.

Product highlights:

• Q | Colour
• Q | Life
• Q | Contrast Elite Max
• Ambient Mode
• OneRemote Control
• SmartThings with Bixby

This is one that you’re going to want to come to see in store and put through its paces. It sure sounds cool though, doesn’t it? Drop by to talk with one of our Audio Video experts, while checking it out for yourself. 130 Davis Drive, Newmarket.

Samsung QLED Q9f

Samsung QLED Q9f at home