The Samsung Q8fn excels is in brightly lit rooms and is a great TV for summer movie viewing. Or for anytime someone has an important project to work on while others are watching the show. It’s a TV for the family room that allows everyone to do what they need to do.

The Q8fn is a great all-around set for movies, HDR or lo res, for TV show, sports, movies, or gaming and for the experience quality of using the device. This includes everything from picture quality and audio, to device management, which is as simple as Samsung could make it. Picture quality excellence includes a fast screen redraw time, as well as an excellent contrast ratio with rich tonal qualities supported by deep blacks.

Like all Samsung TV’s, great attention is paid to the physical design of the box, which is beautifully minimalist, with fine design details throughout.

Here are two excellent reviews of the Q8fn that each include a beautifully detailed breakdown of the set. the first from Reviewed.com‘s, the second from Rtings.com.

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