Samsung 2019 Q900R QLED 8K Smart TV at home

Samsung 2019 Q900R QLED 8K Smart TV at home

Introducing the Samsung 2019 Q900R QLED 8K Smart TV. These 2019 top of the line TVs from SAMSUNG are now on their way to Liptons Audio Video Unlimited.

8K. For real.

Just when you were thinking that video was as magic as it could be, we get this. Twice as many pixels on the screen as a 4K TV. They offer a wide colour range, very high detail, and exceptionally high contrast ratio. By doubling the number of pixels, or dots that the picture is comprised of it presents a much more detailed and refined picture.

Added to this, SAMSUNG has a new Artificial Intelligence video processor chip (SAMSUNG has now surpassed INTEL as the world’s largest chip manufacturer). This contributes to the incredible detail and ability of the TV to make the most of ANY signal that is fed in to it.

To start with, the main way the TVs will show their benefits, will be in the way that they upconvert and process existing 4K broadcasts and content. ALL 4K content will look far superior when viewed on these 8K TVs…..compared to a standard 4K set. It won’t be long though before broadcast media catches up with streaming services like YouTube that are already offering some 8K programming. Meanwhile, everything that is already out there is going to look better on one of these.

Want one?

Of course you do.

Drop by to talk about it. 130 Davis Drive, Newmarket. One of our Audio Video experts will be happy to discuss it with you.