The Pro-Ject Primary is the Audiophile’s Plug & Play turntable of choice. It comes out of the box with factory adjusted tracking force and anti-skating. This allows you to simply place the Primary on a surface, plug it into the wall and amp, drop a disk on the platter, and enjoy. It’s a What Hi-Fi? Awards winner for a reason!

The Primary turntable comes with a silent drive belt, Ortophon ON 5E moving magnet cartridge, and precision machined sapphire tonearm bearing.  It’s an excellent entry-level turntable that gets you into the game and lets you play your collectible treasures. Because you know music is all about playing and having fun.

Here are some videos that outline what’s available with this record player. The first is a quick overview from Pro-Ject. The second is a brief review of the features and benefits of this device.

The best way to check it out of course, is right here at the store. Drop by to check it out talk it out, and walk it out. Our Audio Video experts are waiting here to help.