The Essential III won the Best Value Turntable at the EISA Awards – Best Product 2017-2018. It is an attractive item, with a beautifully designed chassis, in addition to being well crafted

The Essential III features a synchronous motor and a silicone belt. The 8.5″ tonearm, made of lightweight aluminum, is counterweighted and rests on sapphire bearings.  These features combine with the integrated DC-powered motor control. This provides speed stability while minimizing vibration.

Are you interested in knowing more? Here’s a great review from AVForums Ed Selley, rating the Essential III at 9/10.

Liptons is excited to offer the Project Essential III Turntable and we invite you to drop by for a demonstration here at the store. Call us at 905-898-7133, or email info@liptons.ca to arrange a time to come by to talk, or just drop by for a stealth visit. We’re happy to see you either way.