Paradigm speaker promotion limited time offer, ends June30

Paradigm speaker promotion limited time 20% off offer, ends June30

You regularly entertain outdoors and quality audio is an important part of the experience. You want to hear the kind of high-fidelity audio on your patio that you are accustomed to elsewhere. This isn’t a matter of “Cranking some tunes on the deck”,  you’re savouring superb music on the patio.

Weather, water, and UV-resistant enclosures allow you to optimize your outdoor sound, leave it in place for the entire season and not worry about weather damage.

6 stylish models, in choice of black or white cases and 3 mounting bracket accessories provide a multitude of options. Come and talk with us at Lipton’s about customizing your outdoor audio experience.

Paradigm Stylus Outdoors Speakers

Paradigm Stylus Outdoors Speakers

Stylus 470-SM
Stylus 470
Stylus 370-SM

Stylus 370
Stylus 270
Stylus 170


Paradigm Brackets

Paradigm Brackets

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