The Paradigm PW Soundbar is a Powered Home Theater Soundbar with HDMI, Bluetooth + Wi-Fi Music Streaming for Whole Home Audio.

The understated beauty of the Paradigm PW Playbar design masks a well-considered and innovative approach to the interior configuration of the drivers. Carefully thought out, and designed to create a huge impact with a relatively small physical footprint, this bar connects with compatible devices to create a complete surround sound experience via Play-fi connectivity.

For those that like to read their reviews, here is a well-done, detailed article from Home Theatre Review. It looks at the technology from a geeks viewpoint, but in consumer-friendly language. A wonderful piece of AV writing and analysis.

For those who like to listen and watch, check out this excellent unboxing video from our colleagues at The Listening Post in Christchurch, NZ: Paradigm PW Wireless Soundbar unboxing, first look, hands on.

It’s right here at Liptons AVU, 130 Davis Drive. Pop by, have a listen, fall in love, and let us deliver it to your home.