The Paradigm Millenia CT2 Speaker is a fully powered speaker system. More than merely a wireless speaker, it connects directly to your audio devices without need of a free-standing amp. Cool, n’est pas? Yeah, we think so too. It’s ideal for Apple TV and other A/V Applications. Here are a few other things you can connect it with:

  • Computer
  • Gaming system
  • Television
  • Cable box
  • ANY other wireless streaming music or video system with audio inputs

Pretty exciting, especially with today’s compact home environments. What’s even more exciting is that Paradigm accomplishes this without any compromise on sound quality. It’s gorgeous sound, magnificently managed and delivered with style.

It’s here in stock and we’re ready to show you both how easy it is to set up and how wonderful it sounds. Come on over and see us sometime. We’re here to help you have what you want.