Excellence needn’t be unaffordable. NAD has been producing turntables for 45 years. Excellent design, sophisticated technology, and quality parts and materials, deliver an experience that lingers in memory.

Glass platter, and a solid MDF plinth, a non-resonant subplatter, brass bearings a dust cover counter-balanced to sit where you tell it to, and is pre-loaded with an Ortofon cartridge. I could say more, but the copy on the NAD page is pure poetry, at least if you love sensuously descriptive language about technology.

NAD delivers legacy equipment, worth passing onto the next generation. In this short video, David Palmer describes passing his first NAD turntable onto his son. Shared memories and passions that bond generations.  #MyFirstNAD

They’re here in the store, so you can check them out in person. 130 Davis Drive, Newmarket.

NAD C558 Back

NAD C558 Back