The McIntosh MAC7200 2-Channel Receiver, has 200 Watts per channel, 14 inputs and a high-performance AM/FM tuner. Radio presets make it easier to select your favourites from the console, while a tuning knob is there for those who like to feel their way when not using the remote. A cross feed circuit in the headphone allows the blending of right and left channel sounds to give the headphone an experience similar to that provided by ambient sound in a whole room listening environment. The DA1 Digital Audio Module will allow the updating of the module in the event of new input protocols, and permit the receiver to remain up-to-date and retain its value.

Like all the great new innovative audio equipment, this one takes some time to unpack. This review from Crutchfield, by Deia Z. breaks the attributes down in an easily read chart.

According to TED Magazine, the McIntosh MAC7200 Receiver “is a pure music machine”

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