Recently, we installed a surround sound system, all stealth, with the speakers recessed into the ceiling and walls. Nice equipment, not crazy expensive, but a beautiful system. It was for a multiple use basement in Aurora, ON, with a pool table at one end, and an 85” TV and the surround sound system at the other end.
Kinetics Stretchtrak Install

Before Kinetics Stretchtrak Install


After we hooked the system up, it sounded okay, but not great. The room was long and boxy with an echo. The voice quality coming out of the front of the speakers when watching a movie was a bit eh…one of these things where no matter how loud you made it, the voice was unintelligible.

When the client asked, “what do we do?” We recommended a system from Kinetics Home Theatre called Stretchtrak, a custom designed room treatment.

Kinetics Stretchtrak Install

After Kinetics Stretchtrak Install

Stretchtrak can be patterned as you wish, but the client chose to cover the whole room in one big solid black surface covering the wall, it was very cool. When we speak of Tuning a Room for Optimal Sound Quality, we are thinking of projects like this one. It’s an excellent example of surface treatment allowing the system to be properly displayed against the canvas of the room.

Kinetics Stretchtrak Install

Note the custom wrap around the ceiling


The surface was customized to that basement. It went behind the TVs and around the back walls and under the windows. It was not an inexpensive project, cost was about $18,000. It was in line with the home and the equipment though, and looked really beautiful. Considering that the room was built without taking audio into consideration, we made the most of the room and what was in it.

The client got what he wanted and it worked out really well.

With kind of acoustic treatment, you’ll still hear the pool game at the other end of the room, but will also be able to enjoy the movie, game or concert at the same time.

Kinetics is one of many audio surface treatments we work with to perfect Custom Home Theatre Design.

Kinetics Stretchtrak Install