Liptons first Hegel is the very popular new H190 Integrated Amplifier.

It is a simple looking yet high performance piece. The Hegel H190  has all the latest digital streaming capabilities, with network connectivity via wired Ethernet, AirPlay, and DLNA, with a firmware update pending to integrate Spotify Connect, but is still ideal for analogue sources. It also has full Control 4 automation compatibility built in, for music loving homeowners who use Control 4 as their home automation system.

Those are some pretty cool bells and whistles, but what make a Hegel, any Hegel, truly matter is their focus on specific elements of sound. Beginning with Bent Holter’s DIY approach to creating the ideal stack for his own metal band, and carried on through his thesis work in countering harmonic distortion, Hegel equipment is ideal for listeners of complex music with deep swelling waves that crash. The H190 Integrated Amplifier embodies all of this.

The H190, like its peers in the Hegel line. has received rave reviews from even the most discerning audiophile publications, including SoundStage! Simplifi, and High Fidelity.

It is currently available in black, and will also be available in white finish. In either case, the design is very much restrained, sleek, and modernist.