Retina Control 4 Keypads

Control 4 Wireless Keypads

We’re excited to introduce the Control 4 Automated Lighting Systems to our valued clients. When we set up your home theatre, you want to enjoy your entertainment at the optimal lighting levels that let you sink into the action onscreen. The Control 4 system allows you to program your lighting environment for the effect that you want: Dim, romantic lighting for your “Date Night”, theatre lighting for family movie night…and if you really need it, “High Noon” bright lighting for your teenage daughter’s evening with her boyfriend.

Control 4 automates these and many other household functions, tying together multiple electronic systems. Program your smart home, lighting, television, alarm system for your comfort,  security and peace of mind.

All lighting can be operated from the convenience of wall mounted switches and keypads, as well as your personal tablet, phone or wireless device.  Click here to see a complete brochure.

Come to the store, or call us to meet with you and discuss how Control 4 lighting can light up your life.

Control4 lighting controller infographic

Control4 lighting controller infographic