Outdoor speakers for great home entertaining!


Listening to music outdoors is as big a part of a Canadian summer as entertaining and bbq’s.   Today most people have endless amounts of music listening potential, but often are looking for how to get their favorite tunes outdoors.   Liptons stocks a wide range of outdoor speakers, and solutions, to make your outdoor entertaining special.  Your ipod, computer, CD collection, and internet radio options are all sources of great outdoor music!

Outdoor box-type speakers, from Bowers and Wilkins, Paradigm, as well as Definitive Technology, provide rich, full sound quality, that can be directed to the areas you want covered.   Perfect for patio, deck or poolside.

Couple those speakers with something like a SONOS wireless music system, and you can control all of your music outdoors directly from your handheld phone, or tablet : easy and fun!

 For a stealthy look:  invisible rock speakers, like the amazing Rock Monitor Series from Paradigm, provide superb sound quality in a virtually invisible package.  Add a new  invisible sub-woofer system and you  can make your outdoor area a true summer concert experience!  Come in and chat with your Liptons’ sales consultant, for all the details.

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