Enjoying Outdoor TV

Storm Outdoor TV
Storm Outdoor TV

Talk about feeling like you’re at the stadium…sit outdoors in a summer evening watching “The Game” on a crystal clear outdoor TV that blends into the darkening night like the view down on the field from up in the stands. You’re outside in the breeze, smelling the flowers and the fresh cut grass. Like you’re there…except that it’s with perfect sight lines and sound, and you’re not lining up for anything.

When integrated with a great outdoor audio system you can have your own private outdoor theatre environment…and every now and then you can follow the idea of immersive experience just that much further, taking advantage of the weather to add to the vibe.

Go ahead, sit under the veranda roof and watch Apocalypse Now during a heavy storm…it’s okay, these are weatherproof. Imagine the opening scene in your backyard, in the quiet, in the night and the music begins…

Properly selected and arranged, we can help create the right mix of speakers that will be directed perfectly, exactly where you want the sound and not where you don’t. Let the kids sleep. You and the Colonel have a date with destiny.

Call or email us now to set up an In Home Consultation where we can explain the options that best fit the layout of your personal space. We deal with Seura and Sunbright products.


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