Outdoor living: Let there be lighting!

If you’ve ever been to a well appointed home or other upscale outdoor venue, you have likely seen the impact that can be achieved by professionally setup outdoor lighting.  It’s amazing what a property can look like when properly staged..

The reverse is equally true. Unmanaged darkness can leave your carefully designed and lovingly maintained home and gardens looking undistinguished and lacking depth. Even the most beautiful spaces benefit from carefully designed lighting for evening enjoyment.

Light helps create mood by selectively hiding and revealing details, presenting features, setting the stage. If landscape and garden design matters at all, then it matters that it can be properly seen. Proper outdoor living requires thoughtful environmental design, which includes illumination. Let there be lighting!

Of course you want it to work reliably and do the task well. It’s frustrating to buy something, spend your afternoon or weekend installing, and discover the results are nothing like the picture on the package. Or it’s fine…for the first year and then slowly, lights begin to dim, or to physically break.

The problems that can occur with cheap outdoor lighting include:

1) The fixtures are fragile, so get destroyed. They may get hit by a lawnmower, get stepped on, or break from simple brittleness of the plastic. The fixtures aren’t designed for longevity.

2) They’re unsophisticated, with few options for specialized situations with light beams often pre-set and not adjustable in any way.

3) Since outdoor light wiring is in the ground, if isn’t really good wiring, with quality connectors, eventually a wire will go intermittent. You then end up with 25 lights in a string, where the first 4 work and the next 21 don’t. But, you don’t know why, or where the wire is broken. Eventually, you have to rip the entire thing out to figure out what’s wrong.

Most people tear the lighting out, buy a new set, and start again. Once again, buying a cheap system, putting it in, and two years later, put another one in. Couple of years later: Repeat.  Thye never really enjoy the results.

Why do this?  Most people may not know that a better system exists. They may not know, if they’ve never seen one, that a better system really does work that much better than what they have.

Professionally installed lighting is a whole other ballgame. Liptons sells and installs high quality permanent outdoor landscape lighting. There are no dim lights, and no cheap plastic casings. High customer satisfaction lighting systems, with effective, and beautiful lighting, controlled through a network, and managed through a handheld device.

It’s made of high-quality, premium, marine grade brass, and we sell various types of fixtures for every kind of specialized location. There are specific fixtures for lighting trees and bushes, washing light across a large area, or pinpointing light to a specific bush, tree, or feature. We have lights that mount under stairs, and mount in decks, a whole range of things with LED based outdoor lighting, but with premium fixtures and lighting solutions.

Along with an excellent outdoor music system, well designed lighting sets the tone for any sort of outdoor living, whether it’s a garden party, or a romantic interlude.

Liptons provides permanently installed, long term, high performance solutions, whether it’s for music, lighting, video…anything. For people who want to buy it once and not worry about it for many years.

Contact Liptons to light up your outdoor life.



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