Integrating Audio/Video With Interior Design

We make AV disappear

Liptons Audio Video Unlimited greatly respects the talent interior designers bring to projects. The responsibility of transforming an ordinary space into a spectacular one is a definite art. We fully understand electronic systems are sometimes an eyesore and challenging to integrate into a design space. For that very reason we carry many designer friendly products such as motorized lifts and picture frames that disguise TV installations. We offer totally invisible speakers, flush wall plates/jacks and we can remotely hide all electronic from view. Liptons also specializes in natural and electronic lighting systems that can be controlled by the sun’s movement throughout the day to always keep the perfect mood and to daylight harvest.

Space Planning

We can assist you with space planning. Working with Liptons early in the design and consultation process leads to impeccable aesthetics and few if any compromises for both your design and your customers performance expectations.

Industry Education

Liptons AVU is a member of the Custom Electronic Design Installation Association (CEDIA). This organization provides continuing education and electronic systems contractor certification for our programmers and installers.

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