On-site Consultations: Liptons comes to you!

In Home Consultation

On-site consultations – getting to know you and what is best for your needs.

You can learn a lot about someone from the entertainment that they enjoy.   An attractive comfortable home entertainment system featuring optimal audio and visual performances can tell you that person enjoys great quality, and has sought out something really special.

They are either incredibly tech savvy or they have benefited from some good solid advice and likely an in depth  in-home consultation. That is where the good people at Liptons enter the scene!

You can buy the best of everything electronic, from the biggest new UltraHD 4KTV with the crispest resolution to the most musically  supreme speakers or the most advanced automated  lighting system – but it won’t guarantee you the best entertainment experience. In fact, you’ll never get the most out of your purchases without proper design,setup and installation!

Take sound as an example. Surround sound is a popular way to recreate that larger-than-life movie theatre experience at home. But home theatre environments vary significantly. Your audio/video setup has to accommodate your room’s dimensions and acoustics as well as your personal taste. This goes twofold,  if you want the room to be a multi-purpose one.

During an in-home consultation a Liptons professional will map out key strategic points and advise on the amount and type of equipment you’ll need for maximum enjoyment. They’ll also have tips on how to minimize the appearance of unsightly wires and other ancillary materials, making it all aesthetically pleasing as well.

If you’re working with a blank slate  the door is open for unlimited possibilities.   Even if your space is already furnished and stocked with some equipment, a sharp eye can spot areas for improvement. This could be something slight like switching to a higher quality cable for a clearer picture or reconfiguring a lighting setup to cut down on glare, to something more advanced like synchronizing an entire entertainment system to be controlled by a single remote.

Liptons Audio Video Unlimited specializes in in-home consultations and custom A/V installation. To set up an initial home, business or commercial consultation call 905-898-7133,  email us at  info@liptons.ca or stop by in person.


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