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Liptons professional home installation: Fast, seamless, effortless (for you) and everything works like it ought to.

Insert Tab A into Slot B also.

That’s an actual instruction I once had in a package. The rest was equally helpful. Instructional text, especially for consumers, has gotten much better through the years, but technical writing, which is the fancy term for it, is always going to be technical. That’s just inevitable, especially when dealing with something as complex as AV equipment.

Marantz AV8801 Rear Complex Networking Panel
Marantz AV8802a Rear (extremely complex) Rear connection Panel

Basic set-up

If you have an old-school basic amp, speakers, aux setup, that’s awesome. You can absolutely do that basic set-up yourself. Red cables are right channel (thaRs your clue), white, green, black, or smooth wires are left channel, and yellow, is video. Okay go. Plug away.

Entertainment systems

If you go beyond that though and want a properly networked entertainment system, it really pays to have a professional installer. Liptons AVU is CEDIA Authorized, and our staff are professionally trained, Control4 Authorized Installers. 

That matters, because virtually everything these days does in fact, go beyond the basic left, right, video model. Now, there’s always an internal menu to be set up and at least a minimal network to run the household electronics. Liptons is here, with a skilled sales and technical staff to make sure that you’re covered. (Testimonial: Rosemary V.)

Our staff 1978, young, and eager to please
Our staff in 1978, young, and eager to please. Now, a gang of altacockers with 30+ years of experience

It’s honestly difficult to fully express what is wonderful about new technology in mere writing. Each new TV advance in the past 5 years has been a nearly quantum leap. You can get TV’s now with screens so big, with such clearly defined imagery, it’s easy to imagine running into them as though they were showing accessible spaces. (Testimonial: Mary F, Aurora)

Liptons showroom and listening environment

Fortunately, Liptons AVU has a beautiful showroom with many of these top items on display. You can come in and compare equipment, admire the image richness for yourself, hear the pure sound quality for yourself, and know what you want. Our audio video expert consultants are here to answer your questions and make sure you know what you need to understand in order to choose the best item, or system to suit your desires. (Testimonial: Fab F.)

Network design

With that richness of image and sound however, comes a need for a proper network and generally a larger internet data package. An integrated modem/router can’t manage an entire house, especially with added devices, games etc in the mix, all of which increase draw on data. Adding mere signal boosters throughout the house is not a network, in the same way that tin cans and string are not a phone.

Audioquest Speaker & Video Cables
Audioquest Speaker & Video Cables

To properly construct a home network, you really need to understand them at both a theoretical and practical level. What is it intended to do? What may it be required to do in the future, given the rate of technological expansion? What is required in order for it to do these things? Finally, how can that network be designed in the simplest possible manner, so that anyone can easily understand how it functions when using it?

We are skilled in building wired and wireless networks that deliver signal through the most efficient routing, so that your videos, games, and operas are presented with the clarity and dimensions you anticipate, with none of the chugging, buffering delays and stops that bad signal will ensure. Additionally, we know what other bits and pieces to use, the best cables, connectors, and switches that will best transmit AV signal with minimal impedance.

Home Theatre Design
We also provide luxurious home theatre furniture and lighting, and collaborate with excellent interior designers. We work together to create beautifully designed home theatres, combining their expertise in room and lighting design, with our skill in audio design and presentation. Lighting just so, speakers precisely placed, everything put away when we leave, boxes consolidated with all packing materials. (Testimonial: Cynthia F,)

Grand view 120" 16x9 screen
Grand view 120″ 16×9 screen

We’re respectful of your needs, whether it’s for the highest end equipment available no cost spared, or the best possible within your budget. If you wish, we can help you build a dream system over time. (Testimonial: Sal P,)

Even if you want to do the install yourself, one of our great advantages over most of your AV options, is that we provide home delivery. If you read this today, when the forecast is -5ºC, I think you can appreciate the value of that. If it’s raining or snowing, you will likely appreciate that even more so. On the other hand, if it’s summer, you likely have more fun things to do than slog equipment around…so still a win.

You get to drop by, check it out, discuss the options, make your selection, and hop off after to anyplace you like without worrying about the valuables in your car. Let us do the delivery and they’re our responsibility until they’re in your home. That’s a clear bonus option, yes?

Liptons is a CEDIA-approved installer
Liptons is a CEDIA-approved installer

Liptons expert technical staff

In the same way, Liptons technicians are quick at setting up efficiently designed systems, and can have you up and running asap while you chill. Our technicians are to AV installation as a NASCAR pit crew is to car maintenance…because we do these things all the time. (Testimonial: Carol V)

When we’re not serving customers, we’re researching, reading AV magazines and blogs, technical manuals, talking with service reps. We don’t understand merely how one AV system works, we understand how systems work and how any given system should work.


If you haven’t already clicked on any of the testimonial links yet, please check out our Customer Lobby page, where we have 56 reviews. Each review is 5 out of 5 in every category, Service, Quality, and Will Recommend. We think that’s worth bragging about.

If home AV is important to you, you benefit from having a relationship with a store that is focused on serving your needs. If you are in the Newmarket area when reading this, then you would be well-served by choosing Custom Installation by Liptons installation experts. (Testimonial: Colette N.)

While you’re there, you can click the “Appointments” tab to arrange for an in-home consultation. Alternately, drop by in person to ogle the goods, and talk with the staff about what sort of system best suits your needs. 130 Davis Drive, Newmarket. 905-898-7133

Customer Reviews Summary
Customer Reviews Summary

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