Control 4 OS3 Update: Features & Benefits

Control4 is the home operating system that set the standard. By connecting all of your tech and integrating control over them into a single, seamless interface, Control4 transforms your home into your own personalized command centre. Manage your HVAC settings, security systems, Internet settings, lighting, appliances and so much more from a tablet computer, smartphone, desktop, or any compatible device. No other Home OS does more or is easier to use.

Now the Control4 OS3 upgrade has just raised the stakes with a number of new features and enhancements making it even more user-friendly and more powerful than ever.

New Features With the Control4 OS3 Upgrade

With more than a thousand new features, upgrades, and other enhancements, OS3 represents a significant improvement on an already revolutionary system. Users will find that they have greater control, more access, and better customization capability than ever.

For example, Control4 users will immediately notice that then can now swipe to gain access to the room view feature for live status updates on their enabled devices, services, and webcam enabled scenes. Window shades, light fixtures, movie and music streaming services, cameras, security controls, and any compatible and enabled device can now be added to a favourites list and can just as easily be removed or replaced on that list.

Control4 OS3 at a Glance

  • Control4 users will now enjoy a refined UI which can be accessed on any iOS or Android-powered mobile device.
  • The Favorites list delivers immediate access to devices users use most often for one-touch access to enabled devices in any room.
  • The new home-wide dashboard feature gives you instant status updates on chosen rooms complete with lock status, door status, and camera access, allowing you to monitor the whole house from your bed, your easy chair- or any place you happen to be.
  • OS3’s advanced security management feature gives you “unilock” capability letting you control multiple locks at once, and incorporate or dis-incorporate any lock at will.
  • Upload photos or search through a library of images to set a wallpaper to match your home décor.
  • Use the Active Media Bar and home-wide sharing with multi-room audio to pipe music and video throughout the home as you choose for a full room-to-room multimedia experience.
  • Access full support for hi-fi MQA audio and experience the quality of lossless music playback.

Control4 Installers in Newmarket

It had been nearly fifteen years since Control4 hit the market for the first time, and users have been waiting for these upgrades for what seemed like an eternity. However, when you’re working to perfect a piece of software that is designed to exert total control over a person’s home- you want to get it right.

That, and the fact that Control4 has so many things to add to their system, is the reason they waited so long to finally deliver the new OS. They call it an upgrade, but in truth, OS3 represents a complete overhaul of the already popular smart home application.

The idea behind the overhaul was not just to give users new capabilities, but to make using the system simpler- making devices that might otherwise just sit in a room accessible from any location as fully incorporated components in a house-wide array of devices. What it gives you is fluid, one-touch control with intuitive interfaces that turn your home into a consolidated unit, ready to respond to your every whim.

The smart device industry had reached a bottleneck in its development. Sure, you could have any number of web-capable devices. But in order to get anything out of them, you would have to access a device-specific app or actually access the device physically. That means no matter how advanced the device is, it’s no good until you lay hands on it. But with Control4 OS3, the user is able to fully integrate dozens- even hundreds of different web-capable devices and incorporate them into an integrated set of devices to accomplish several tasks at once.

When it comes to home security alone, OS3 is a game-changer. Possibly the best example already mentioned is the ability to lock all doors and windows in a set at once. This alone has massive security implications. Suppose, for example, the homeowner is facing a home invasion. Rather than running around the house locking one door and window at a time, they can lock all of them at once. In an emergency, running up to a door that could be a criminal’s access point is foolish. With Control4 OS3, you can lock it remotely.

Control4 Senior Vice President of Products and Services Charlie Kindel, told Home Theatre Review, “The Control4 Smart Home OS is designed to remove complexity. Every home is a mix of products from a variety of companies, a Smart Home OS embraces this reality, providing broad choice rather than creating a collection of tiny walled gardens that limit homeowners.”

The system creates what the Control4 company calls a broad and deep ecosystem. This refers to the 14,000 or more different third party devices that the OS3 is compatible with, and 7,500 embedded products. This means if you were to download the application today, chances are there is something in your home now that can be used with the new Control4. It also means that you won’t have any trouble adding the capabilities you want your home-control suite to have.

If you’re looking for instant access to your home theatre in a single room, that’s easy. If you want to set up a multimedia experience that follows you around your home, you can do that too. If you want to be able to monitor and control your home while you are away, lock and unlock doors for a child returning from school, a housekeeper or service personnel, OS3 has you covered.

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About Control4

Control4 is a global leader in smart home systems and solutions. They have been delivering advanced tools to tech-savvy homeowners for well over a decade with the aim of revolutionizing the home-technology integration industry. With the release of OS3, earlier this year, they have taken a commanding lead in the home technology solutions market.