If it happens at home and needs sound or video, Liptons is your best first place to look for a quality solution. Especially if you appreciate expertise and service.

It’s not just that Audio Video technology is currently advancing at lightning speed, it always has done. Everything is always getting better, improving, extending the limits of the possible. It’s smaller, bigger, quieter, louder, more defined, brighter lights, darker shadows, and ever cleaner, crisper images.

Each time the improvements happen, Liptons is right there. We have that “Do what you love” thing down pat. We’re AV lifers. It’s what we’ve always done, and a great day is reading about the technical specifications of new products and translating that. Not only into real world language when talking with customers, but also through integrating units into a system.

At one level, one could connect any devices with compatible plugs together, but there are subtle synergies between some pieces where the sum is greater than the whole of the part. At Liptons, we know how and why this happens, because we live AV.

Liptons sells a wide array of products from many of the top brands in the world. Too many to list in full on this one page, but our website is filled with information for you on all of these. We also welcome your visit, call, or email.

We’ve written many Blog posts with topical and useful information about AV technology, and about trends and developments as they occur. These are designed to help you think through your wants and needs.

We invite you to spend some time checking the possibilities out, and to follow that contemplation with a visit to our showroom. We are all about service. Quality service, like the products we sell.

Check out our reviews on Customer Lobby, and while you’re there, set up an appointment on their online tool. Or, you could simply drop by, phone, or email us. 905-898-7133 info@liptons.ca

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