Pro-ject debut carbon turntables

Pro-ject debut carbon turntables

For the older teens and young adults and even their parents, there is one massive trend:   TURNTABLES & VINYL LPS.   EVERYTHING to do with playing records is now huge with the music loving crowd.   Initiated by the hipster twenty-something  set over the past few years, turntables have made a huge comeback, and are now one of the hottest items.  Whether it is getting the latest releases, or going back into the vaults for classic rock, vinyl rules!

Getting a new turntable may involve a bit of a learning curve for some, but is in the end quite simple.   Expect to pay from just under $200 to around $500 for a great NEW turntable.  Avoid the garage sale and thrift shop second hand units:  they usually cost more to fix up and make work, than just buying new.

Spin Clean – a great gift!

Spin Clean – a great gift!

Along with the actual turntable, all types of record care accessories, like brushes, cartridges, preamps,  and record cleaning machines, are in high demand.   A $20 record brush, or an $99.00 LP cleaning machine makes for a super present for the music lover on your list.

The range of choices is vast, but here are a few of the hot items this year.

UHD 4K TV:  after 10 years of HDTV 1080p television, there is a new standard for the ultimate in TV viewing.   The new UHD 4K TVs have UHD T V curvea resolution that is four times that of traditional HDTVs.   This is the hot new TV that every movie and sports lover craves!   Starting at just over $1000 for a 50” and heading up to $10,000 for an 85”, this is the hot ticket!

VIDEO PROJECTORS:  Once just the realm of either the ultra rich, or the home hobbyist, home video projectors are now a great alternative to large TVs.   Big bold bright pictures rivaling the movie theatre, with screens that often can show images in less than dark rooms.   Home cinema is the true movie lover’s choice.   Projectors starting at

Under $2,000 and running to $10,000 or more for the new 4K variety.

SONOS WIRELESS MULTIROOM MUSIC SYSTEMS : a phenomenon, and a category creator, SONOS provides many ways to modernize, upgrade and add digital music to your home.  From portable speakers, to connect units that go with existing stereos, SONOS brings the world of digital music, internet radio, wireless streaming, to any home.   Systems from $219.00and up to as far as you want to go!

2 Channel STEREO Systems:  this is the opposite of the big, surround sound system with a pile of speakers and wires, setup with a big TV.   2 Channel music systems are the “old-school” stereos of the past, but with today’s modern technology.   An amplifier, a source like a CD or Turntable, or digital music streamer, coupled with a great pair of speakers, for the sole purpose of enjoying music!   This is a huge new trend, amongst both younger adults, and their parents.   Complete systems from $899 to thousands of dollars.

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