Audeze headphones are here now!

Sine on-ear headphones

Sine on-ear headphones

We’re proud to announce that we have added Audeze to our collection of premium brands.

We represent and sell the best audio equipment available in theNewmarket area and surrounding region, offering a selection carefully curated for your benefit. Audeze is an exciting new company offering headphones that reproduce sound beautifully using planar audio technology which they developed originally for in-house use. Audeze truly deserves the appellation: “Innovative”

Come by as soon as you have the time, to hear for yourself why this is so.130 Davis Dr. Newmarket, from Tuesday to Saturday. We can’t wait to share.

Open-backed EL-8

Open-backed EL-8 Headphone



Deckard Class-A DAC - Heaphone AMp

Deckard Class-A DAC – Heaphone Amp


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