Doing an Acoustic Solid

Yesterday we installed an Acoustic Solid SPECIAL EDITION Solid Classic Wood MPX Midi Xtended version. Acoustic Solid is a brand for an aficionado’s eyes and ears, with pricing beginning at $2,000 and going up to $50,000. Not something we keep in stock, but an item and a product line that we’re pretty jazzed to have worked on.

Solid Classic Wood Midi900

Solid Classic Wood Midi900

Even the simplest Acoustic Solid model is a work of art both visually and sonically, with precise controls. This is an item that needs an experienced technician to set it up, with specialized equipment and a sophisticated understanding of turntables and the subtle variables that can influence their performance.

Most turntables come with only 2 adjustments, the Special Edition Solid Classic has 7, and each contributes to the richness and fidelity of the audio.

Tuning equipment with this level of sophistication is a subtle art that takes skill, judgement, and experience. This where the expertise gleaned over decades of service pays off.

It’s always fun getting one of these super high-end installations to do. We get to hone our skills and experience the fruits of our labours on artisanal equipment, while confirming that the job was well-done.

Thanks to our good friends at Tri-Cell Enterprises, distributors of high end audio equipment for calling us on this one.

When Liptons began 35ish years ago we were already well-trained in electronics. Dedicated to service and professional, and we knew our stuff, but 35 years adds lustre to skills.

That’s where the difference between apprentices, journeymen, and masters of a craft really come into focus.

Over the years we’ve had the privilege of working with some legendary pieces of equipment, both manufactured and custom built. We’ve designed and installed some exceptional systems and we look forward every day to doing it all over again.

We can make any home system perform at its best too. It’s what experts do.

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