Control4 releases Intercom Anywhere – Available through Liptons

On July 31, 2018, Control4 released Intercom Anywhere, a new system tool that allows you to manage your home, even when you’re on the other side of the globe. Or, down the block getting milk, in the basement finding camping gear… When you’re busy, regardless of the reason.

Maybe we don’t have teleporter technology yet, but the impact of being able to walk from one place to another is practically accomplished. You can talk directly to someone at the door through your cell phone, and then, manage the elements of the home to appear as though you’re there. Unlock the gate, turn on the light where you want them to go, disarm the alarm so that they can enter.

It’s an exciting time, living into the world that science fiction suggested we’d someday see. It happened because this is the kind of Control4 the home that people have always wanted. A home that allows you to feel secure from intrusion, while also allowing visitors to feel welcome and expected.

Like all of the Control4 products, it’s simple to manage when set up by your Liptons installer.

Here’s a video that explains how it works. Come to see us at 130 Davis Drive, Newmarket, and we’ll show you in person.

Control4 Intercom Anywhere

Control4 Intercom Anywhere

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