Concierge service

Concierge Service

When you deal with Liptons for audio video solutions, you will have a dedicated salesperson that you will deal with all the time.

From the first time you come looking for an entertainment system solution of any kind, the person who helps you, whenever you call, email, phone, or come in, will be your personal consultant at the store. They will keep track of all your conversations, your orders, and your enquiries.

Your whole package of interests is their job. They’re always going to be your representative. When you recommend your friend, your brother, or your daughter to come in, they’re going to be dealing with that person as well.

If you talk with your Liptons consultant about something today, you buy it next month, and then two years from now, you come back, they will already know what you’ve got, where you’re headed, and what you might be doing or thinking of next. You might say “we’re refinishing the basement, putting this type of reno in” and they’ll make recommendations based on what they know about you, what you like, what you already have, and how to integrate it. Then Liptons will deliver and install it for you.

The experience of shopping with Liptons is akin to having a personal shopper at a premium clothing store like Holt’s or Harry Rosen’s. They’ll have every purchase you ever made or discussed recorded. If you’re one of their customers, when you walk out the door, you’re in an outfit that goes together, all bought there.  You could visit a half-dozen stores looking for the pieces, but you don’t. You may do a great job, but you could miss the best matches, and it would take more time. Much more.

This is how we work, with personal, concierge type shopping, and there’s no extra charge, it’s just how we do things. It’s never about just the equipment; ever. That’s the difference between selling a commodity and selling the way we sell.  At Liptons we are not just “box movers”.

People will often try to shop around for deals, but commonly, will rarely save money doing that with either clothing or AV equipment, and they never save time. With top-quality products, the pricing  often doesn’t vary much.  At Liptons, our pricing is always competitive.

So on the one hand, savings elsewhere tend to be relatively small if any, and on the other, the buyer doesn’t necessarily get a system where everything integrates easily, with great sound and audio quality.

Whereas at Liptons, we put it together, we know the whole project and we make sure that everything you purchase makes sense. We also make sure that you’re not overspending on one thing and under spending on another.  When you walk into a typical chain or big box store often with no real experts,  you usually just get sold what makes the sales quota set by corporate office. You’ll walk in there and they’ll try to sell you a really expensive piece because they’re pushing that item. “It’s on sale!”  but they’ve blown your budget.

Then when you try to put the rest of the system together, wow, you really don’t have much money left for what’s needed, and your whole system is out of whack. It’s like a matching a $2000 pair of shoes with a $50 pair of pants. It doesn’t make sense.

That chain store employee usually doesn’t care what you’ve got at home, or if it will integrate. They often have no idea. They usually don’t ask the kind of questions needed to find out.

You want your entertainment system to balance and so do we. When we do it, we make sure we take the whole larger picture into account. Not just that one individual item, but the whole deal, the whole system, the whole house. We’re thinking of the big picture. When you come in to Liptons, we’re dealing with you as an individual with specific wants and needs. We get to know you.

That’s what you get at Liptons. An expert who knows what’s available, what goes together, and who you are. Shopping at Liptons assures that you gain full value from your purchase.

We’re selling an experience. Not only in the process of shopping, but in the results you get with your system at home. It’s why you’ll enjoy shopping here, and why people have kept coming back for over 35 years.

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