Acoustic Solid 113 Bubinga Turntable

Just got in this gorgeous turntable.  An Acoustic Solid Wood 113 Bubinga. Imported direct from Germany, super precision made, with a matching ultra sophisticated WTB 213 tonearm which is sold separately. Gorgeous Bubinga wood construction. When we got it, it looked like this: I assembled it, then calibrated and adjusted it for about an hour … Read more

Collecting vinyl records, and keeping them perfect

Records rule. A great disk can transform your day from the moment you begin selection. Reviewing the cover art, triggering memories of earlier listenings, the tactile pleasure of drawing it from the sleeve and placing it on the platter. Carefully, contemplatively, setting the needle gently into the groove and hearing the music swell. There are records, … Read more

Turntable setup and care

Tone arms and cartridges Care/Tracking Everything about vinyl playback is dependent upon the balance of the tone-arm and the condition of the needle. If you didn’t know better, it would be easy to think that when calibrating the tracking, you could simply put the needle down and adjust the tracking dial until sound occurs. This … Read more

How turntables work

At one level, for a turntable to work, it’s a very simple process.You take a record, place it on a surface, put a needle of some kind through a piece of paper to hold it steady and act as a speaker, then spin the record. If the needle sits in the groove, you’ll hear what’s … Read more

Doing an Acoustic Solid

Yesterday we installed an Acoustic Solid SPECIAL EDITION Solid Classic Wood MPX Midi Xtended version. Acoustic Solid is a brand for an aficionado’s eyes and ears, with pricing beginning at $2,000 and going up to $50,000. Not something we keep in stock, but an item and a product line that we’re pretty jazzed to have worked … Read more

Free Turntable Clinic

We had a super day at our free Turntable clinic. Fixed up so many cool turntables and met some great music lovers!  – at Liptons Audio Video Unlimited. A great time was had by all and the store was PACKED! Stay tuned for our next event. Maybe something about our awesome tube amps, maybe about … Read more