The first stage in preparing a canvas for the creation of art is to cover it with a neutral smooth surface. If sound quality really matters to you, if you would always notice that faint echo, then it makes sense to begin with a smooth sonic surface.

Primacoustic helps with this. Liptons has used it on many room tuning installations over the years, including at Artistica Dance Studio right here in Newmarket. It is a reliable brand with many pre-made pieces designed for the most commonly required applications and environments.

Artistica Ballroom & Dance Studio

Artistica Ballroom & Dance Studio with panels at top of wall

This video from Primacoustic demonstrates very quickly how treatment enhances audibility.

Primacoustic Clouds

Primacoustic Clouds


Primacoustic panels come in a variety of finished surfaces, but they also have a line of “Paintables” that can be painted or printed on with excellent results. Use your logo, or a choice of artwork.

You probably won’t want to do your own application, as the video suggests, but Liptons is happy to help you out with that.

Whether your needs are purely entertainment, or if you work at home and need a suitable theatre for consultations, we’re ready to help you find the right product to fit your needs. We’re very familiar with the Primacoustic line and it’s capabilities. Let us help you with your Custom Home Theatre installation, using Primacoustic to tune your room for optimal sound.

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