JL is a US made premium line of subwoofers, and we recommend them very highly.All models feature similar styling, in a beautifully made modern box in a variety of sizes, based on the container requirements. The Dominion comes in ash and gloss black, the E and F series in white, ash, and gloss black. We keep several models in stock at the shop, including:

  • D108 Powered Subwoofer with 8-inch Subwoofer Driver, 500 watts
  • D110 Powered Subwoofer with 10-inch Subwoofer Driver, 750 watts
  • E110 Powered Subwoofer with 10-inch Subwoofer Driver, 1200 watts
  • E112 Powered Subwoofer with 12-inch Subwoofer Driver, 1500 watts
  • Fathom F113 V2 Powered Subwoofer with 13.5-inch Subwoofer Driver, 3000 watts
JL Subwoofer Gloss

JL Subwoofer in gloss finish, with and without cover.

Brett Haines of JL Audio on the Dominion Series

Above: Overview of the E112 by Bret Haines of JL Audio (please note, prices quoted are 2013) with a demonstration model that has a cutaway showing the interior construction. The following video is pretty cool too, showing the installation of a 13W7/D1.5 driver into the box.

Above: A very favourable review of the E112 from Audioholics, plus, here is an excellent written review from Larry Greenhill at Stereophile.

Above: Brett Haines again, with a brief overview of the features of the Fathom V2 series, including: Modified drivers, front mounted controls, all digital electronics, 18 band digital aro room correction, ease of use, connect your microphone, press one button and you’re good to go. Watch the video for more.

Then, when you’ve had time to think about it, drop by Liptons for a look and a listen to the Sub Woofer of your dreams, and some conversation about it with one of our audio video professionals. Liptons Audio Video Unlimited, 130 Davis Drive, Newmarket.


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