Hegel is a premium line of audio products, designed and manufactured in Norway. Hegel designs are high performance in each category that they make, from CD player, to Amplifiers, to Digital to Analogue Converters,  Power amps, etc.

Hegel was founded to explore founder Brent Holter’s specific insight into eliminating harmonic distortion. Recognizing the difficulties of synchronizing feedback, Holter envisioned and developed a feed-forward system which anticipates the requirements. Mediated by a threshold detector which indicates the presence of audible distortion, thereby triggering deployment of the distortion-cancelling feed, Hegel’s systems successfully minimize harmonic distortion throughout their line.

Feed-forward, forward thinking, constantly innovating, Hegel has steadily developed their line, not only in breadth of product offering, but also in international reputation and distribution. We’re proud to be representing them here at Liptons.

Drop by to hear it for yourself. 130 Davis Drive, Newmarket.