Outdoor living: Let there be lighting!

If you’ve ever been to a well appointed home or other upscale outdoor venue, you have likely seen the impact that can be achieved by professionally setup outdoor lighting.  It’s amazing what a property can look like when properly staged.. The reverse is equally true. Unmanaged darkness can leave your carefully designed and lovingly maintained […]

No Filter prize winner Jason Chiovitti!

Rolling Stones tickets for a lucky subscriber to “The Current” newsletter

We’ve got a winner! Congratulations Jason Chiovitti! We gave someone on our newsletter subscriber list a pair of tickets (Value=$400) to see the Rolling Stones on the ONE AND ONLY CANADIAN STOP on their current (and possibly last) tour. Yep. We’re just gave them away! But, only to a newsletter subscriber, and of course, only to those […]

Gifts for grads and dads! June at Liptons AVU

Nothing is impossible. We are experts in getting audio and video into every room, no matter what. Consult our experts when building a new home to ensure that you have the proper cables pre-wired to the right places.

Liptons recommended partners

Recommended Partners

Liptons highly recommend these companies for your residential  & commercial construction or renovation projects. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Interior Designers Hamamy Design Founded in 1996, Hamamy Design is a company that represents creativity and flare. Emy studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Italy, finishing with honours. She specialized in various artistic fields including architectural design, faux-finishes and […]

Samsung trade Show

Samsung 2019 Dealer Show

Samsung held a dealer show in Toronto this past week to showcase their new lineup of products for 2019, and Lindsay attended. Several new lines of televisions were shown, the most significant offerings included the new 8K  series of televisions called 900 series. These come in a variety of sizes including 65 inch, 75 inch, […]

Systems and Synergies – Troubleshooting video

Our last article, Systems and Synergies – It looked good on paper looked at how we approached troubleshooting a Turntable installation. Turntables can be particularly delicate to set up, but issues can arise with other things as well.

Conductor's hands

Systems and synergies – It looked good on paper

Sometimes, people will put an entertainment system together for themselves. They’ll spend hours on research and talking to experts and it’s perfectly designed. On paper.

Concierge Service

Concierge service

When you deal with Liptons for audio video solutions, you will have a dedicated salesperson that you will deal with all the time. From the first time you come looking for an entertainment system solution of any kind, the person who helps you, whenever you call, email, phone, or come in, will be your personal […]

607 Matte White Grille Off with Rotel A14 Record Female Lifestyl

Bowers & Wilkins New 600 Series

Bowers & Wilkins is a great maker of high-end speakers. Luxury items. There are reasons and explanations for this, but the result is what matters. How your music sounds, how it fills your home, and how that rich, full sound makes you feel. Bowers & Wilkins New 600 series has Continuum cone midrange drivers, and […]

Control4 releases Intercom Anywhere – Available through Liptons

On July 31, 2018, Control4 released Intercom Anywhere, a new system tool that allows you to manage your home, even when you’re on the other side of the globe. Or, down the block getting milk, in the basement finding camping gear… When you’re busy, regardless of the reason. Maybe we don’t have teleporter technology yet, […]

Get The Current from Liptons

  The Current features news and updates about what’s happening now, and what’s coming soon in the world of Audio and Video, and what we’re doing about it at Liptons Audio Video Unlimited.

Outdoor Audio – Let the party music begin!

Music sets the stage for all forms of environments, from boisterous to romantic. You can’t have a summer party without it. You really can’t have any kind of party without it. Certainly not a Garden Party. Outdoor music makes even working in the garden feel festive, digging tunes while digging beds, trimming trees, and raking the […]

Lush garden

Outdoor living – systems, wireless, and networks

OUTDOOR SYSTEMS For the most part, outdoor entertainment consists of mounting speakers in various types of locations in a permanent fashion. We offer several type and styles of outdoor speaker options and these are covered in: Outdoor Audio. The wires for the system, encased in burial cable, are then run to some sort of a central […]

Photo of Lounge Chairs - We expect that you were thinking more about this...

DIY vs professional outdoor installation

It’s SUMMER! Time to think about outdoor living, summer party music, and getting your outdoor audio video experience organized. This is the second in a series about outdoor entertainment installations based on an interview with Lindsay about what people should consider when beginning this process. * Pro tip * It’s about quality and service. Last […]

Direct Sun SunbriteTV

Choosing the right outdoor TV

Like everything else, there are desirable and undesirable ways to set up an outdoor living space for TV viewing. This article, based on an interview with Lindsay, is the first of a series on outdoor living options. This one is a brief overview of classes of outdoor television options. Lindsay: Some people just take a regular […]

Samsung smartthings coming!

Getting ready to introduce some fabulous new Samsung products…watch for new items being posted this week! Meanwhile, here’s a great review from Digital Trends with Dave Das, Samsung’s Senior Vice President of Home Entertainment. Dave does a great job of describing the new functions of the QLED Tv’s and some of the new features coming in their latest […]

McIntosh MA9000 Integrated Amplifier

One of our lucky customers just bought a McIntosh MA 9000 Integrated Amplifier. A beautiful piece of equipment. Classic McIntosh styling, but in the most up to date design:  with 300 Watts per channel: enough to drive virtually any speaker system. Has a super high performance phono stage built in for turntables. Built in 8 Band equalizer/tone […]

Acoustic Solid 113 Bubinga

Acoustic Solid 113 Bubinga Turntable

Just got in this gorgeous turntable.  An Acoustic Solid Wood 113 Bubinga. Imported direct from Germany, super precision made, with a matching ultra sophisticated WTB 213 tonearm which is sold separately. Gorgeous Bubinga wood construction. When we got it, it looked like this: I assembled it, then calibrated and adjusted it for about an hour […]

Fingers on the label with the same thumb on the rim,other hand cradling the opposite rim

Collecting vinyl records, and keeping them perfect

Records rule. A great disk can transform your day from the moment you begin selection. Reviewing the cover art, triggering memories of earlier listenings, the tactile pleasure of drawing it from the sleeve and placing it on the platter. Carefully, contemplatively, setting the needle gently into the groove and hearing the music swell. There are records, […]

Acoustic Solid Classic Wood Midi900

Turntable setup and care

Tone arms and cartridges Care/Tracking Everything about vinyl playback is dependent upon the balance of the tone-arm and the condition of the needle. If you didn’t know better, it would be easy to think that when calibrating the tracking, you could simply put the needle down and adjust the tracking dial until sound occurs. This […]

Instructables Paper Turntable by Plugable

How turntables work

At one level, for a turntable to work, it’s a very simple process.You take a record, place it on a surface, put a needle of some kind through a piece of paper to hold it steady and act as a speaker, then spin the record. If the needle sits in the groove, you’ll hear what’s […]

Artistica Dance Studio

Dance studio acoustic treatment

Artistica Ballroom & Dance Studio is a typical dance studio, with high ceilings, wood floor, big glass window at the front of the studio. It had a hollow tone and they wanted it to sound better. Primacoustic materials were exactly what was called for. It’s one of the go-to product lines for more affordable room […]


Newmarket Vinyl Record & Collectibles Show : April 8

  Were you just at the Newmarket Vinyl Record & Collectibles Show? You may need a turntable! If you missed it and need records, we have those too. Thinking about getting into turntables & records How Turntables Work  

Kinetics Stretchtrak Installation For Beautiful Sound

 Recently, we installed a surround sound system, all stealth, with the speakers recessed into the ceiling and walls. Nice equipment, not crazy expensive, but a beautiful system. It was for a multiple use basement in Aurora, ON, with a pool table at one end, and an 85” TV and the surround sound system at the […]

Denon DP 300F Turntable

Thinking about getting into turntables and records?

To truly get what you want from the vinyl experience, there are a few things that are helpful to know about turntables, records, and cartridges/styluses. This article is the first of a series and is a general overview. Each topic touched upon will be covered in greater detail in future specific articles. There are some […]

The new Sonos One with Amazon Alexa – Here at Liptons!

Sonos One blends great sound with Amazon Alexa, the easy-to-use voice service, for hands-free control of your music and more. Start and control your music with your voice. Amazon Alexa built right in. Play songs, check news and traffic, manage smart devices and enjoy other helpful Amazon Alexa skills using a single Sonos speaker. Start […]


Tuning a room for optimal sound quality

One of the important elements of custom installation is tuning the room to its optimal sound, a practice that is more art than science. In much the same way that a proper varietal glass can enhance the flavours and aromas of any vintage, proper room adjustments allow equipment to present its best sound. I asked […]

“The HomePod is the point of no return for Apple fans This speaker is openly hostile to any hardware or service not made by Apple” The Verge - Liptons recommends equipment that plays well with others

Compatibility matters

Check out this new review from The Verge about the Apple Home Pod. Then, look at our pages for any of the following, or talk with one of our A/V specialists for a recommendation that fits your specific purposes. Paradigm Shift Paradigm PW600 Paradigm PW800 Sonos One Sonos Play5 Sonos Play3 Sonos Play1

Anthem MRX 720 AV Receiver

Picking The Right A/V Receiver

In the current world of AV and Home Theatre systems, there is no more important piece of gear than that of the Audio/Video Receiver, or AVR for short.  They are the brains of the organization and what makes your system tick. An AVR is the home base for all your connections, and is able to […]

Paradigm Speaker Sale on Monitor Series 7!

Liptons is now offering 25% off on all Paradigm Monitor Series 7 Speakers while supplies last. Includes: Paradigm Series 7 Monitor 7 Paradigm Series 7 Monitor 9 Paradigm Series 7 Monitor 11 Paradigm Monitor Series Paradigm Series 7 Mini-Monitor

Remote control with ease

If your aim is to become one with the sofa, screaming at the universe about a multitude of remotes is likely to impede that tranquil goal. Everything has a dedicated remote control now and needs one in order to function properly. There are internal settings that require adjustment and which are too complex to be […]

McIntosh MA252 Hybrid Vacuum tube/solid state integrated amplifier is now in stock

The McIntosh MA252 Hybrid Vacuum tube/solid state integrated amplifier has arrived at Liptons, and we’ve unpacked the first boxes. For absolutely no prize whatsoever, name the photographers hands in the gloss of the new faceplate! For more information on this beauty, click here.

Network not working?

It’s not enough to purchase a high definition AV device, or system, and then expect it to deliver full potential as soon as you come home. This is partly about the quality of the image and audio, and also about the integrative potential of the devices. These both require high quality networking in order to […]

Our staff 1978, young, and eager to please

Home installation: Professional, skilled, respectful, and quick

Liptons professional home installation: Fast, seamless, effortless (for you) and everything works like it ought to. Insert Tab A into Slot B also. That’s an actual instruction I once had in a package. The rest was equally helpful. Instructional text, especially for consumers, has gotten much better through the years, but technical writing, which is […]

Hot News NewsetterHot News Newsetter

Be first to know about deals & private events

Hot News! We’ve got some great new offers and events coming! There will be some public seminars and private subscriber events. The best way to make sure to be sure to know about them first, is to subscribe to our newsletter. We promise to only send cool and useful information that would excite and inform […]

Winter is coming. So are your guests.

The holidays are rapidly approaching. Winter is coming, so are your guests. If you’re looking to set up your home theatre before then, it’s time to think ahead. Liptons AVU is here, at your service to make sure that it happens on time, seamlessly, and works perfectly. Plan We’re happy to come to you for an […]

Your home entertainment centre

For families, especially growing and active ones, a formal theatre room is often not the ideal entertainment environment. Sure, everyone is ready to watch now, and you all want to see the show together, but the collage has to get finished for school on Monday, knitting can’t be done in pitch darkness, and the family […]

Simon Lucas BW700 review

THIS JUST IN! Bowers & Wilkins’ new 700 series

This WAS a preview until the line came out, but now it’s a teaser to keep you excited until you can get here to see them all in person (130 Davis Drive, we’re here til 7pm most nights). Here’s a great review for audiophiles who love to hear about all the great features in new […]

Liptons is a CEDIA-approved installer

Life Lived Best At Home

Soon you’ll be spending more time at home as the weather cools and the nights grow long. Imagine yourself in luxurious comfort, with a fully integrated electronic system managing your security and entertainment. Liptons is CEDIA Authorized. We’re knowledgeable about the potential of integrated home systems, and skilled at installing them. Watch this, and if you want to […]

Control4 Summer

Control4 Summer

The 50s future seems to almost be here in many ways, electric cars, cars that convert to planes, wired homes that can be programmed to anticipate our needs. Maybe soon we’ll have robot bar fridges to mix and deliver your martinis on the patio as hovering speaker drones overhead play your choice of tunes…that’s likely […]

Acoustic Solid Classic Wood Midi900

Doing an Acoustic Solid

Yesterday we installed an Acoustic Solid SPECIAL EDITION Solid Classic Wood MPX Midi Xtended version. Acoustic Solid is a brand for an aficionado’s eyes and ears, with pricing beginning at $2,000 and going up to $50,000. Not something we keep in stock, but an item and a product line that we’re pretty jazzed to have worked […]

Samsung: The Frame

TV Magic

We’re living in an exciting period of invention and innovation in audio-visual technology, particularly with television. It hasn’t been this thrilling a ride since the advent of colour. There have been improvements in TV since then in all of the expected areas: Better picture quality, bigger screens, smaller screens, flatter screens, better sound. That’s still happening, […]

Listening Party System at Liptons

Listening Party Event Contest!

This contest was happily received by our loyal subscribers. We have a winner and we’re looking forward to sharing the story of the special evening with you as it happens. Watch this space for more! Our Private Listening Party Draw was available only to our newsletter subscribers, as a thank you for being on our mailing […]

Denon DP 300F Turntable

Free Turntable Clinic

We had a super day at our free Turntable clinic. Fixed up so many cool turntables and met some great music lovers!  – at Liptons Audio Video Unlimited. A great time was had by all and the store was PACKED! Stay tuned for our next event. Maybe something about our awesome tube amps, maybe about […]

PLAY:5 Stereo Pair with SUB:

Get two PLAY:5s. Add a SUB. Hear and feel the music. The speaker pairing for obsessive audiophiles and hard-core music lovers. Turn each speaker into separate left and right channels for wider, bigger, and deeper stereo sound. Wirelessly connect SUB to your PLAY:5 stereo pair for dramatically deeper bass. Since the PLAY:5s don’t have to […]

Sine on-ear headphones

Audeze headphones are here now!

We’re proud to announce that we have added Audeze to our collection of premium brands. We represent and sell the best audio equipment available in theNewmarket area and surrounding region, offering a selection carefully curated for your benefit. Audeze is an exciting new company offering headphones that reproduce sound beautifully using planar audio technology which they developed […]

Liptons Vinyl

We’ve got your fave Vinyl LP’s right here at Liptons!

You spin me right round baby, right round…so we’ve brought in some super swank vinyl to help you really enjoy the fantastic equipment you bought from us.  We’ll shine that sound to a high gloss…just like the perfect grooves on the pristine vinyl that we sell here reflects your excited face back at you. Classic titles, latest […]

On-site Consultations: Liptons comes to you!

On-site consultations – getting to know you and what is best for your needs. You can learn a lot about someone from the entertainment that they enjoy.   An attractive comfortable home entertainment system featuring optimal audio and visual performances can tell you that person enjoys great quality, and has sought out something really special. They […]

SONY XBR85x850D 85” 4K TV with HDR

What’s the buzz about 4k UHD TV, and do you need one?

For the fall of this year, and going in to 2016, 4K TV is definitely the hot buzzword for TV and video projectors, and it’s a technology that’s changing the playing field when it comes to image quality. Ultra high Definition TVS (UHD) also known as 4K, are now available from all major TV manufacturers. […]

Storm Outdoor TV

Enjoying Outdoor TV

Talk about feeling like you’re at the stadium…sit outdoors in a summer evening watching “The Game” on a crystal clear outdoor TV that blends into the darkening night like the view down on the field from up in the stands. You’re outside in the breeze, smelling the flowers and the fresh cut grass. Like you’re there…except […]

Outdoor speakers for great home entertaining!

Listening to music outdoors is as big a part of a Canadian summer as entertaining and bbq’s.   Today most people have endless amounts of music listening potential, but often are looking for how to get their favorite tunes outdoors.   Liptons stocks a wide range of outdoor speakers, and solutions, to make your outdoor […]

Bowers & Wilkins A7 Laptop music system


For the older teens and young adults and even their parents, there is one massive trend:   TURNTABLES & VINYL LPS.   EVERYTHING to do with playing records is now huge with the music loving crowd.   Initiated by the hipster twenty-something  set over the past few years, turntables have made a huge comeback, and are now one […]


This year once again, there are a plethora of high demand electronics gifts for everyone, young and old.    While a whole houseful of audio and video systems might be the ultimate goal, there are many affordable items that can satisfy the most demanding electronics buffs. Younger set:  for the younger set, particularly teens, everything to […]

Home Automation Made Easy (and green!)

Take a minute to consider your home and its myriad of technologies and equipment — lights, TVs, audio systems, central heating and air conditioning, alarm system. Do you see a group of separate objects working independently of each other or are you inspired by a grander unified connected vision? What if all that technology — […]

Projection Theatres are where it’s at!

TVs continue to dominate the home entertainment landscape, but if you’ve ever wanted a truly powerful viewing experience, feast your eyes on a front-projection system. Amazing strides have been made in the industry over the last five years to create projection systems that meet the needs and demands of picky consumers. That means lower prices and better […]



Sound Comes First! Last entry, we discussed the features you get when choosing a features-heavy brand of A/V receiver.   Today we  check out what to do  if you wish to forgo some of those features in favor of superior sound quality.  In our opinion, premium audio brands like Anthem, and NAD are the direction to look.  They tend […]

Picking the right AV Receiver Part 2

Lets Get Gadgety So you have decided that you want your AV Receiver to have a lot of bells and whistles, toys that can play with and adjust and get a lot more out of this digital age that we live in. But what features are there? What is available? And how do you use […]

B&W Zeppelin Air: Ultimate Speaker Dock

With its space age look, and sleek round curves, you’d never know looking that the Bowers & Wilkins  Zeppelin Air that it is an Ipod sound dock. Snap your Ipod onto its docking connector and be transported to audio nirvana the likes of which an Ipod owner never dreamed.  Even more conveniently: with Apple AIRPLAY, you can […]

Integrating Audio/Video With Interior Design

We make AV disappear Liptons Audio Video Unlimited greatly respects the talent interior designers bring to projects. The responsibility of transforming an ordinary space into a spectacular one is a definite art. We fully understand electronic systems are sometimes an eyesore and challenging to integrate into a design space. For that very reason we carry […]

Welcome to Liptons

Here at Liptons we know our customers pretty well so we know you like stay informed about all the latest audio and video products and trends… but who has the time? That’s where we come in! This is the first of an ongoing series of articles, musings, information pieces, FAQs and advice the world of […]