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mcintosh trade up program

McIntosh TradeUP Program

In acknowledgment of McIntosh’s enduring reliability and excellent value preservation, we’re offering a unique opportunity. You can now exchange select McIntosh two-channel products, even those dating back to the 1960s, and claim up to 75%* of the original MSRP as credit for the acquisition of new two-channel units. Are you looking to upgrade your power


Introducing the McIntosh MAC7200 Receiver

If you’re looking for an audio device with superior engineering and quality sound, then the McIntosh MAC7200 Receiver should be at the top of your list. With its simple setup coupled with impressive features and performance benefits, this receiver is designed to bring out the best in both music and movies. From its built-in home


Samsung QN90B QLED Review

The Samsung QN90B QLED TV is an incredibly advanced, premium TV for your home entertainment needs. It is the successor to the Samsung QN90A QLED TV and part of Samsung’s Neo QLED TV lineup. It combines quantum dot colour technology with a Mini LED backlight for superior brightness and local dimming. As one of the

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Oasis, Adding Audio & Video to Your Outdoor Space

Being able to spend more time outside during the spring and summer is great. If you’re a movie buff, you might want to watch movies with your family and friends outdoors. This is possible when you have the right outdoor audio & video setup. You can get everything that you need professionally installed, too. Read


Mini LED vs. OLED – Best TV Tech for 2022

Mini LED and OLED are two of the top technologies found in the latest TVs. If you are looking for a new TV, choosing between these technologies can be a challenge. The first consumer HDTVs were released just over 20 years ago and used LED backlights to illuminate a liquid crystal display (LCD). LEDs have

samsung premiere projector

Introducing the Samsung Premiere Laser Projector

Video projectors traditionally offer less clarity and depth compared to the latest TVs, but the Samsung Premiere has closed the gap. The Premiere is the newest short-throw laser projector designed to deliver a theatre-like experience in your home. So, is the Samsung Premiere worth it? Here is a closer look at its features and the


Samsung Neo-QLED vs QLED TVs

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of HDTVs, and the Neo-QLED TVs are the company’s most recent effort to compete with OLED TVs and deliver superior picture quality. So, what is a Samsung Neo-QLED TV? Here is what you should know when you are researching your next TV purchase. What Is Neo QLED Technology?


The Comeback of Dedicated Music Systems

High-quality music is making a comeback. For years the music industry has focused on compressing and mass producing files, moving from records to CDs, then to digital files. The focus has been on portability and accessibility in a busy world. However, once Covid-19 hit, people found themselves confined to their homes. This resulted in a

How To Get A Multiroom Audio Setup In Your Home

Installing a whole home audio system is popular because people love to listen to music no matter where they are in the house. You can listen to your favourite music, and you can control the volume from a central location, such as your smartphone. If you want to install a multiroom audio system in your