Save Now On Paradigm Prestige & Premier Speakers

For a limited time Paradigm Prestige & Premier speakers are 20% off! We are currently offering storefront pickup and curbside delivery. Please contact us if you have any questions about these great speakers. Sale! Quick ViewSelect options Centre Channel Speakers PARADIGM Prestige 45C Series Centre Channel   0 out of 5 $1,449.00 $1,159.20 / Each … Read more

Advanced Audio: How Dolby Atmos Brings Surround Sound To New Heights

Sound is nothing if not complex. In any given scene of a movie, concert, or game, there are dozens of different sounds happening simultaneously, each of which contributes to the overall quality of the audio. Surround sound systems seek to include each of these contributing sounds for a rich listening experience, but doing so requires both advanced audio storage methods and a flexible speaker system that can blend multiple different sounds at different levels of intensity. As one of the most complex surround sound systems on the market, Dolby Atmos can play sound from a wide range of objects at once, allowing you to experience every element of modern audio.

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Most Unused Features On Your TV

If you’re thinking about buying a new TV in 2020, we’ve got some news you’ll be interested in. TV manufacturers have made a lot of advances in quality and the number of features offered. Chances are there are features you aren’t using that could help you get more out of your entertainment experience. The integration … Read more

Movies With Great Surround Sound On Netflix Canada

So you just got your new surround sound home theatre system hooked up and you’re ready to test it out. What’s the first thing you put on? If you have a collection of Blu-ray movies you’re sure to find great surround sound there, but what about those of us who stream our content from Netflix? Surround sound may be a bit tough to find on Netflix, but there are many great titles that support it that are available to stream.

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Paradigm Monitor SE Sale

Paradigm Spring Monitor SE Promotion

3 Easy ways to SAVE on Paradigm performance this Spring. Get 20% OFF any of Paradigm’s award winning Monitor SE series speakers. Add a Defiance V Series subwoofer and get 10% OFF. Or buy the pre-bundled Monitor SE 5.1 Bundle* at regular price and get a FREE Defiance V10 subwoofer. * Monitor SE 5.1 Bundle … Read more

Control 4 OS3 Update: Features & Benefits

Control4 is the home operating system that set the standard. By connecting all of your tech and integrating control over them into a single, seamless interface, Control4 transforms your home into your own personalized command centre. Manage your HVAC settings, security systems, Internet settings, lighting, appliances and so much more from a tablet computer, smartphone, … Read more

Anthem Trade Up Event – Save Up To 20% OFF Anthem

Trade UP ANY BRAND of old electronics for 20%-off select* new Anthem processors, receivers or amplifiers! It’s time to retire that old processor and graduate to multi-channel, your antique amp is running dangerously hot these days, and your old receiver is not “tuning” in to the latest streaming audio technology. Trade them UP to new … Read more

Rotel Integrated Amplifier Promotion

PURE ROTEL SOUND A stereo system today can be something as simple as an integrated amplifier connected to your smartphone, with the multitude of music sources a smartphone can provide, and a pair of bookshelf speakers. Or, it might be something larger and more sophisticated – a stereo preamplifier with on-board Digital-to-Analog convertor, multiple independent … Read more

bowers & Wilkins headphones

Bowers & Wilkins Headphone Sale

Here is an exciting Black Friday Deal from Bowers & Wilkins! From November 24th – December 2nd Save $50 on the PX5 and PX& Noise Canceling wireless headphones!  Here’s What The Experts Have To Say All a pair of headphones can do is sound, look and feel great – and the B&W PX7s tick all … Read more

Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar Review

If you’re one of those audiophiles that have been on the fence about whether or not a soundbar would be an acceptable solution for you, the Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar might just be the product that makes a believer out of you. Previous soundbar offerings have left serious cinephiles and audiophiles disappointed with their performance compared … Read more