Sonos with Airplay 2

Sonos with Airplay 2

Sonos is rolling out their Airplay 2 integration today. What will that allow? Well, as Sonos says: “With AirPlay 2, experience your favourite apps out loud on your Sonos system. Watch YouTube videos. Binge Netflix. Catch up on podcasts. Or get Apple Music to play everywhere with a single ask of Siri.”

If you already have a  Playbase, Play:5, or Sonos One, click here for information. on how to update your device to integrate with Airplay 2. It will also be integrated with the Sonos Beam, out soon!

Want to have this in your home? Come by to talk with us at Liptons. Want to know more about this service? We’ve found some great reviews that will help clarify what it offers.

Engadget’s review by Nathan Ingraham, @nateingraham also out just now:
AirPlay 2 makes Sonos the best audio option for most iPhone owners

The Verge’s article about the release:
Sonos launches AirPlay 2 support for latest speakers

And from IDB on YouTube:

Airplay 2: Everything you need to know!

Do not be fooled by this reviewer’s youth, his explanation is perfectly detailed, and his language is precise. A beautiful explanation, with well-matched video-illustration. It was made in April, when Sonos devices were not yet compatible, but otherwise, provides an excellent overview of what Airplay 2 can do.

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